G-7 strengthens digital safety efforts

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— G-7 Huddle: World leaders are in London today looking for solutions to combat harmful and illegal content online.

— — Tax negotiations: Estonia’s opposition to global tax arrangements remains a hurdle as policymakers fight to force large corporations (reading tech giants) to pay more taxes.

— — Refuse: Advocates continue to put pressure on Apple, urging iPhone makers to cancel plans to scan users’ devices for material on child sexual abuse.

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G-7 picks up harmful digital content — International security officials such as the G-7 Interior and Security Ministers and Interpol Secretary-General Jurgen Stock have used the two-day summit in London to digitally disseminate child sexual abuse-related content. Discuss issues such as violent extremism online. ..

Representing the United States: Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security John Tien and Jen Easterly, Director of the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, and other DHS staff.

— Agenda setter: British Interior Minister Priti Patel, who chairs the summit, is determined to put more pressure on the online platform. Patel’s agency supports the UK’s approach of asking Internet technology giants to explain whether harmful content continues to be posted across the platform and if they neglect public security when designing their products. He said he would call on his counterparts. Patel will also launch a fund to develop a technology that can detect images depicting child abuse in end-to-end encrypted messaging services.

UK is increasing oversight of platform responsibilities To protect users.For example, Patel Called Facebook Abandoned plans to deploy encryption on all platforms I want an online platform Develop a user age verification system to enhance the protection of children. The UK has also released the Age Appropriate Design Code, a set of digital standards for protecting the digital privacy of minors. It came into full force in the UK last week – When Coveted by prominent lawmakers on the hill..

— Child-friendly crowd: Patel’s call is unlikely to be controversial. The moods of Europe, the United States and Canada are in her favor, especially when it comes to protecting children online. (That is, after all, it’s part of a privacy debate that all Hill lawmakers can lag behind.)

Estonia’s Global Tax Non-Commitment — Estonia remains skeptical of the global bid to introduce an international minimum effective corporate tax rate of 15%. On Tuesday, state finance minister Kate Pentus Rosimannes said the July agreement signed by 130 countries could turn out to be “too vague and harmful to a small open economy like us.” There are many details with. “

These concerns are shared by EU member states Ireland and Hungary. Two other countries with low corporate tax rates. Their government sees these tax rates as an important incentive to lure companies to set up stores in their own country, and because the EU is seeking unanimous support for tax decisions, it is trading. Even if it means to put it on hold, it is reluctant to give it up. The OECD will meet in October to reveal details of global tax agreements. Estonia said it hopes some changes will be made.

The statement by Pentus Rosimannes followed a meeting between OECD boss Matthias Corman and US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo. Lymond, who was in Estonia for the Tallinn Digital Summit, also met with Estonian Prime Minister Kayakaras on Tuesday. According to the conference’s Commerce Department’s reading, two “exchanges of views on the attractiveness of Estonia’s investment climate and the maintenance of Estonia’s value in supporting global efforts to reach a global tax treaty in the OECD.”

What Lymond had to say about TTC — Mr Lymond said at the Digital Summit on Tuesday that the first formal meeting of the US EU Trade and Technology Council will be held in Pittsburgh from September 29th to 30th. The agenda is still final, but the group established to coordinate digital and trade policies across the Atlantic includes semiconductors, the problematic EU-US data transfer agreement known as the Privacy Shield, supply chain security, and “The right way to regulate platform companies.”

Civil society groups demand a complete cessation from Apple — Digital advocacy groups are calling on Apple today to cancel plans to scan users’ devices for evidence of child sexual abuse. The company announced late last week that it would postpone plans to implement a new child abuse prevention feature and spend the next few months collecting feedback for improvement.

Fighting for the Future, OpenMedia, a group of Electronic Frontier Foundation calls for security engineer Bruce Schneier to join today, submit more than 56,000 signed petitions to Apple, and annihilate these plans altogether. increase. Evan Greer, director of Fight for the Future, said in a statement that Apple’s original plans should focus on weakening and expanding encryption instead.

— Apple changes: In the past week and a half, iPhone makers have made several concessions in the face of multiple government criticisms and heightened regulatory pressure. Apple as part of a settlement ending Japan’s antitrust investigation Announced last week This allows developers of “reader” apps, such as content companies such as Netflix and Spotify, to provide links to websites within the Apple app so that users can sign up for paid accounts, which is 30% of Apple’s. You can avoid the app store fee of. These changes will be implemented globally early next year and will hurt the company’s bottom line.

FTC sets that view on health apps — The FTC will announce the next public meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 15th today. Next week’s agenda is still underway, but one of the potential items that individuals who know the plan will tell POLITICO’s Leah Nylen is a policy statement. With a healthcare app.

–Environment: The FTC is taking a stricter policy on cracking down on privacy breaches from health apps. Colleagues on e-Health Beat reported earlier this year.. In January, FTC chased the company behind Flo, a free birthing app downloaded by millions of people around the world, despite ensuring that information was kept private. We shared reproductive health data with Google, Facebook, etc.

DOUBLE THE FUN — POLITICO will be hosting its first technical summit next Wednesday. Join us for a virtual event titled “At the Digital Crossroads-Washington and Silicon Valley”. Here, we explore the evolving relationship between Washington’s power corridor and the technology sector.

–What do you expect: Congressmen, federal authorities, tech executives, technology policy experts, and activists discuss what the Hill-powered Biden administration’s agenda and technology law mean for innovation, marketing competition, consumer privacy, and content moderation. increase. It also covers global technology competition, especially between the United States and China, and racial equality efforts in technology, both in policy makers and in the technology ecosystem.

— Speaker list (so far): Deputy FCC Chairman Jessica Rosenwessel. Yvette Clarke (DN.Y.), Mayor of Pittsburgh, William Peduto, CEO of technology industry groups NetChoice, Chamber of Progress, Internet Association and others. We will continue to post other additional information as the event approaches.

For now, please register to join and submit your audience questions:

Laylen Young Become the Executive Director of the Technology Modernization Fund. According to the General Procurement Bureau.. TMF can see a second $ 1 billion boost in its funding. FCW report.. … Shannon Taylor Join Intel as responsible for technology and manufacturing policy. She previously served as Senior Advisor and Senior Advisor on Government Affairs at the Information Technology Industry Council and is a graduate of the House Energy and Commerce Commission. … Belinda E. Nixon Joined Perkins Koy as a partner in the company’s Technology Migration and Privacy Law Practices and Communications Industry Group. She is FCC’s Alum and was Deputy Head of Competition and Infrastructure Policy at Radio Communications. … Doug Field Return to Ford to join as Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Technology and Embedded Systems. He was recently Vice President of Special Projects at Apple and Vice President of Engineering at Tesla.

Aretea Group Adopted Lee Foster To become an SVP Nina Jankowitz To become a director of external engagement Kate Lavale As Vice President of Impact Dave Gosselin As Vice President of Engineering. Foster previously belonged to FireEye, Jankowicz was a Global Fellow at Wilson Center, LaVail was recently Senior Director of Performance and Intelligence for McDonald’s Global Impact Features, and Gosselin was formerly SciDB’s Software Architect at Paradigm 4. rice field.

Farazaman Participate in Network Advertising Initiative As Vice President and Corporate Lawyer. She was previously Chief Privacy Officer at Meredith Corp. and was a Senior Global Privacy Counsel at Colgate-Palmolive and Nielsen. Peder Ulander After serving as Head of Enterprise and Developer Marketing at Amazon Web Services, he joined MongoDB as CMO. … Erica Reynoso I’m currently a Senior PR Manager for Sustainability at Amazon. She previously managed government PR and CSR storytelling at Wells Fargo. … Jesse Barba He joined the educational technology company Chegg as responsible for government issues and policies, the first recruitment in Washington. He has recently been Senior Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Young Invincibles and is Alum of Cassidy & Associates and Marcia Fudge.

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G-7 strengthens digital safety efforts

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