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Chester, Del.and Philadelphia Pennsylvania County, August 6, 2021 / PRNewswire /-Many organizations and educational institutions have partnered to host job fairs for job seekers interested in becoming a stevedore.Via the Delaware River Via the Delaware River Delaware, Southern New Jersey, When Southeastern Pennsylvania.. Recruitment events are aimed at meeting the urgent needs of skilled workers in the maritime industry.

Job fair Wednesday, August 11 from 9 am to 1 pm, Employment Training Center, 3001 South Front Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19148. An on-the-spot interview will be held. If you are interested, please bring your driver’s license and social security card.

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Maritime workers Greater Philadelphia region. Retirement, financial residue caused by COVID-19, and other factors have urgently required a harbor for skilled workers responsible for loading and unloading consumables such as cars, fruits, cocoa, and other goods in stock. is. From the port, we are empowering our world economy. The shortage of skilled workers not only delays the loading and unloading of goods, but also pushes up consumer prices by reducing the amount of goods that can be delivered to businesses, industries and consumers.

Depending on the cargo, the starting salary of new cargo handling workers is $ 17 NS $ 20 1 hour. Cargo operators operate handling equipment such as power winches, cranes, forklifts and yard tractors. Getting on and off a ship or driving a car inside a ship terminal. Transfer cargo / sea containers from vessels to the dock area. Climb the ladders and walkways to the hold, or climb the ladders to access work on the deck. Secure the sling and line to the cargo. Secure and secure cargo through hooks, wires, slings, or other lifting devices. Other skill areas include Clark, Checks, Cooperation, Car Loading, Terminal Workers, Warehouse Workers, and more.

Job fair Delaware County Community College, Philadelphia Marine Trade Association, Philadelphia Works, and a university consortium for workforce and economic development.Harbor Philadelphia Is the fastest growing container port in North AmericaAccording to the Pennsylvania Department of Community Economic Development. It creates 54,805 jobs and processes 6.5 million tonnes of cargo. $ 30.5 billionIncludes, container, break bulk, ro-ro, liquid bulk.In combination, the harbor Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, When Ellie Move over 67 million tonnes of goods and provide most economic benefits $ 50 billion To the federation Pennsylvania..

“The demand for skilled maritime workers is higher than ever, and we hope that career seekers will take this wonderful opportunity to learn new skill sets that will lead them to success.” increase. Patrick Ading, President of the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO.

Workers and freight / inventory / material movers Pennsylvania This is due to the growing need for skilled workers in these career areas. By 2028, the industry will need more than 13,000 workers, according to the Labor Information Analysis Center of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

about Delaware County Community College:

Founded in 1967 Delaware County Community College Serves more than 19,000 credit and non-credit students in 7 locations Delaware When Chester Through the county and its online education and training programs. The college offers more than 50 associate degrees and 35 certificate programs.

About the Philadelphia Marine Trade Association:

The Philadelphia Marine Trade Association, which has served the Delaware River port community for over 60 years, was founded in 1947.Its purpose is to promote the interests of the port Delaware, Southern New Jersey, When Southeastern Pennsylvania.. Currently, the Delaware River Marine Trade Association (PMTA) port represents all International Long Shoreman Association (ILA) employers operating at the Delaware River facility.

About the University Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development:

A university consortium for workforce and economic development Drexel University And 5 Community Colleges: Philadelphia Community College, Delaware County Community College, Back County Community College, Montgomery County Community College, the same as Camden County College NS New jersey.. CCWED provides businesses and industries with a comprehensive and coordinated approach to developing a highly skilled workforce in the region.

About Philadelphia Works:

Philadelphia Works, Inc., the city’s Labor Development Commission. Is a non-profit quasi-public organization that serves employers and connects job seekers with employment and training opportunities. We invest public resources in a variety of workforce solutions that promote economic growth, influence public workforce policies, optimize funds and resources to build a skilled and prosperous workforce.

contact: Anthony Twyman

Government Public Relations Manager

W: 610-325-2816; C: 610-425-0805

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Future Port Employment Information Sessions Aim to Increase the Number of Cargo Workers | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

Source link Future Port Employment Information Sessions Aim to Increase the Number of Cargo Workers | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

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