Future highway developments are expected to include more electric vehicles and additional charging stations.Whole country

Allentown, Pennsylvania-As a utility company is working on a sustainable transportation network, electric vehicle charging stations will soon be on the highway.

PPL Corporation today commits to join the Electric Highway Coalition, a partnership of 17 US utilities established to support the development of a seamless network of high-speed electric vehicle charging stations connecting major highway systems. Announced.

PPL’s ​​utility companies Louisville Gas and Electric, Kentucky Utilities and PPL Electric Utilities work with other coalition utilities to expand their network charging infrastructure and create convenient options for long-distance EV travel. Provides drivers with access to a fast electric vehicle charging station.

Vince Sorgi, President and CEO of PPL Corporation, said: “We are proud to be part of this united effort to support electrical transportation in a collaborative and intelligent way that is beneficial to our customers and the environment.”

Members of the Electric Highway Coalition, formed in March 2021, work together to implement an effective fast charger deployment plan, a high speed extending from the Atlantic coast through the Midwest and South to the Gulf and Central Plains. I agree to enable long-distance EV travel along the road. The focus of the coalition includes optimizing infrastructure placement and complementing existing travel corridor fast-charging sites.

Working with the Electric Highway Coalition, PPL companies support electric vehicle drivers through programs that provide customers with tools and information to improve access to charging infrastructure and make informed choices. doing.

The company is also taking steps to electrify fleet vehicles and reduce the footprint of the overall transportation environment. PPL companies continue to value more fleet electrification opportunities with the aim of reducing their carbon footprint while maintaining affordability and reliability for their customers.

The company has adopted the goal of reducing CO2 And other greenhouse gas emissions will be zero by 2050, with a tentative goal of 70% reduction from 2010 levels by 2035 and 80% reduction by 2040.

In Kentucky, LG & E and KU have deployed approximately 20 publicly accessible charging stations and launched a hosted vehicle charging program. This gives business customers an affordable option to add charging stations to their site. In the future, the company also plans to deploy additional fast charging stations along the corridors of major highways in Kentucky.

In Pennsylvania, PPL Electric Utilities will use data analysis to plan future expansions for EV fast charging and determine the most favorable fast charging locations while supporting the growth of new fast charging infrastructure interconnects. It is useful for.

Until the end of the PPL acquisition of the Naragan Set Electric Company on Road Island, these businesses will also be part of PPL’s ​​combined membership.

“Electric Highway Coalition is an industry unprecedented effort to support the future of electric transport by providing a comprehensive EV infrastructure that allows customers to travel without interruption or range concerns,” Sorgi said. I am.

The Edison Electric Institute predicts that by 2030, 18 million EVs will be installed on US roads. The progress of the Electric Highway Coalition, which represents 29 states and the District of Columbia and serves more than 60 million customers, shows customers that industry leaders are united. We are committed to ensuring the accessibility and convenience of fast charging stations across the extended network of major highways, while further raising the climate and zero-emission vehicle targets and improving the air quality of the region. increase.

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Future highway developments are expected to include more electric vehicles and additional charging stations.Whole country

Source link Future highway developments are expected to include more electric vehicles and additional charging stations.Whole country

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