Fur returns to Pittsburgh for Anthrocon

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)-Fur is back in Pittsburgh. Anthrocon is back for the first time since the pandemic.

Samuel Conway, CEO of Anthrocon, said:

When the fur and anthrocon return to Pittsburgh, costumes and real animal role-plays line the streets.

“When you see anthrocon and fur coming back to town, it’s almost a signal. We’re here, we did it, we’re back, let’s celebrate together.” Said Susan Klein during her visit to Pittsburgh.

According to Conway, for 15 years, animators, artists and costume makers have come to the city for workshops and seminars, and especially for animals.

“We have always been fascinated by animals, which is part of the human condition,” Conway said. “We project ourselves on animals and on ourselves. We feel a connection with animals. The idea that it is all about fur, animals as humans and vice versa. So how do you experience it? Perhaps you dream of these things? And here we are talking about a dream with us. “

Weekend events have brought millions of dollars to the city over the years, and this year is set to be the same, with a record $ 10,000 people expected to attend.

And a larger crowd means a larger fursuit parade.

“It’s a great sight to see them come back to life in three dimensions and celebrate with them, as long as they want to be here,” Klein added.

The group hopes that the fur will not rest for years.

Fur returns to Pittsburgh for Anthrocon

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