From bullfighting to classic radio, Kevin Gordon has done it all.

After talking to Kevin Gordon and hearing him enthusiastically discuss his various interests and achievements, I came to think of him as Philadelphia radio Clark Kent.

During the day, from 2 pm to 6 pm on weekdays on WRTI (90.1 FM), Gordon calms down a classical music program at 5 pm with Beethoven and Mozart aside to play the Elmer Bernstein or Bernard Herrmann theme. An urban host. From the movie.

Apart from Mike and the impeccable pronunciation of names from several languages, Gordon is a genuine polymath commissioned to paint portraits hanging on some of the most August institutions. A veteran of off-broadway acting, a best-selling writer and illustrator, a world traveler with a special taste for bullfighting, one of Spain and one of its signature events.

Yes, the man who introduced Marler and Chopin participated in a battle with angry animals and ran with a bull in Pamplona.

All of these interests and professions began in Gordon’s youth and have continued for 68 years now. The best part is that Gordon never touches, but he is always exploring activities and working hard to make and retain important friends in all areas along the way.

Broadcast expert Gordon begins his phone time by efficiently listing how his entertainment began. My dad was a portrait painter. ” But quickly relax and get interested in the wit and stories of the people he met along the way, such as the late comedian Jonathan Winters and the deceased influential businessman David Koch.

Radio has received the least attention. It is one of the leitmotifs of Gordon’s presence in painting and Spain, and as he said, it started when he was in high school and continues no matter what else is happening in his life. ..

Well, he spent months in Spain at once, so it was probably interrupted for a short period of time.

“When Steve Allen, Don Pardo, and Dr. Ruth (Westheimer) were also there, I was on NBC Radio. It was fun to be around all of those personalities and enjoy their wit.

“My role was to spend classic time, and I became known as a classic person. As radio changed, networks declined, and everything became more corporate, I Stay in New York and go to the New York Times station WQXR, where your knowledge and love for classical music will be rewarded. “

Gordon eventually wrote the biography and study of George Szell, the longtime conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra, whose interpretation continues to be considered the pound sterling today.

Gordon’s article about Maestrocell appears in an anthology he’s proud to include Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s work, so he considers himself a good companion.

As mentioned, painting was the way Gordon followed in the footsteps of his father.

“Most of the time, I’m asked to draw a white-haired man in a blue suit for college or headquarters,” Gordon said.

One of his notable and highly detailed portraits is the famous woman, best-selling mystery writer Mary Higgins Clark.

When he finds Gordon’s painting of Miss Higgins Clark reminiscent of John Singer Sargent, he says, “My hero!” Sargent explains that he has a very good talent. It is “not human”.

“I had a great time during and between sessions,” Gordon said. “I was very familiar with her house, I really felt like I was at home. I knew I valued it when I was given the privilege of the kitchen.”

Talking to the people he portrays leaves Gordon’s experience. He was curious about the late David Koch, who was often accused of how conservatives cracked down on George Soros, in situations where politics and beliefs may be mentioned, but not the focus of the opportunity. He was a friendly man.

When Gordon was eight, the bullfighting kicked up the first dust.

“I was fascinated by picking up a book on this subject from the library.”

Very fascinated, Gordon wrote to the book’s author, Burnaby Conrad. Burnaby Conrad wrote back and became a close friend.

At the age of 19, Gordon went to his frequent destination, Spain, to become a bullfighter.

Like his habit, he made friends. One was the famous bullfighter Antonio Ordonez, a model for Ernest Hemingway’s “dangerous season.”

“I enjoyed my time in the ring,” says Gordon. “But I soon came to the conclusion that I was an amateur and the Bulls were professionals.”

Gordon maintained the habit of meeting people wherever he went, so he spent some summers in Madrid, Pamplona and other Spanish cities.

His relationship with Burnaby Conrad continued. Gordon regularly visited Santa Barbara. At one point, Conrad said he had a surprise visitor for lunch. It turned out to be Jonathan Winters. He says Gordon is incredibly interesting, but it can be serious.

“Jonathan was also a painter. I asked him if he revealed more about himself on stage or more about himself on canvas. He did as I thought. He answered and said, “I reveal myself more in the picture. On stage, I play the role. I’m a character, not myself. Feel free to draw. Please express yourself. “

Kevin Gordon never hates to express himself. In addition to everything else, he co-authored the 1996 hit best-selling book “The Good Cigar” by H. Paul Jeffers.

The perfect hall for 10 pm news

Gray Hall was part of Channel 6’s “Action News” team for almost seven years, but Newscaster 6 ABC’s anchor offered Channel 17 at 10 pm on weekdays and the new 11 pm anchor, Rick Williams. ..

Hall has a presence, calm and personality that hasn’t been seen for some time in markets like Philadelphia that boast some great anchors, and Matt O’Donnell and Brian Tough’s outstanding channel 6 anchors. I am.

The hall is amiable and business-like. He also seems to be familiar with the stories he reports, the features I especially look for and respect.

Williams is Jim Gardner’s heir, and Jim Gardner will abandon his 11 pm job at the end of 2021 and will retire altogether at the end of this year. Hall needs to discuss with O’Donnell, Tough, and Sarabroom Quist, who could one day replace Williams as the main anchor in Action News, based on his performance so far. ..

This is all premature. Williams has just begun his tenure at 11 pm and he has not started his reign at 6 pm.

The important thing is that there is another impressive anchor in the stable location of channel 6. The hall wasn’t necessarily overlooked before the recent anchor mission, but his new 10 pm role, once a tough role, was barely visible to both the station and the hall, and was a precursor. Reveals the talent to be.

In memory of Ray Allen

Ray Allen may not have been a common name, but she was the ever-active stage and television actress who won the 1971 Tony Award for a supporting role in the play and died last week at the age of 95. There are three memorable TV credits that you can instantly recognize. ..

One is the repetitive role. Two have guest appearances on popular TV shows.

The Sopranos has paved the way for serious emphasis on non-networks, especially the cable series, making it one of the most historic shows to date.

Allen regularly appeared as Quintina Brundett, sister of Tony Soprano’s mother Revere (the late Nancy Marchand), who caused Revere’s death), Tony Brundett or Tony B (Steve Buscemi). As a mother of), S., who appeared as a parlor with a grudge against Tony, is short-lived, as is his subsequent existence, trying to go right after the prison.

Allen was not the first Aunt Quinn. Like Barbara Andres, Allen is an actress who is more relevant to her role.

Of the two important guest appearances, my favorite is another historic program, All in the Family. In this program, Allen plays Amelia, the wealthy cousin of Edith Bunker. (Amelia will be performed by Elizabeth Wilson later in the season.)

The duel between Amelia and Archie is valuable and sets up a subsequent visit to Edith’s cousin, another Mode Findley. We all know what happens with it. Isobel Sanford will appear in Amelia’s first “All in the Family” as Louise Jefferson.

Another unforgettable TV show is from 2006’s Grey’s Anatomy. Allen is a lovely performance that plays an older woman who visits another woman at the hospital with her friend played by her late Betty Garrett.

Allen received her Tony in 1971 in Paul Jindel’s play “And Miss Riadon Drinks A Little.” She played a colleague of the title character in an original Broadway production that included Bill Macy in “Mode” as her husband and Nancy Marchand as the sister of Miss Riadon. (Played at the Philadelphia playhouse in the park, led by Sandy Dennis.)

Allen is also known for the original stage and film role of the nasty reporter Gloria Thorpe, who sings “Shoeless Joe in Hannibal, Missouri.” She is in the musical “Kutabare! Yankees”.

Bobby Rydell’s True Legend

Bobby Rydell visited the Upper Darby Cellars Library in 2017 to discuss and sign his book “Teen Idol on the Rocks”.

Television wasn’t Bobby Rydell’s main metier, but it goes without saying that every column in the Philadelphia newspaper died of non-COVID-related pneumonia at the age of 79 last week.

Leidel has been a lot of fun since childhood, the youngest in history to record a Billboard hit in his late teens and headline New York’s famous Copanite club at the age of 19.

Above all, he was amicable at hundreds of Philadelphia concerts and events. Always hearty and easy to approach, Leidel was great to interview and fun to chat with, even if he was part of a crowd enjoying performances and events.

His cameo parkway hits from the late 50’s to the early 60’s included “Wild One,” “Weave Gut Love,” “Volare,” and “Kissin Time,” and gained a lasting fame as Hugo. Did. Ann-Margret and Jesse Pearson, Peabody Opposite from the movie “Bye Bye Birdie”.

The true sign of Leidel’s fame and immortality is that high school Danny Zuko and others participate in the “Grease” named after him.

Growing up in Philadelphia, when I met Leidel several times, I always thought he was young, even though he was old. Frankie Avalon and Fabian were a timeless trio of singers.

Alas, “grease” aside, Leidel is deadly. His death affects all Philadelphia and everyone who hears teen idolatry, lifelong fandom, and the voice of a truly versatile singer who transcends the general time.

Bobby, rest assured. You will always be remembered as one of the best.

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From bullfighting to classic radio, Kevin Gordon has done it all.

Source link From bullfighting to classic radio, Kevin Gordon has done it all.

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