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After a great freshman year, the bright red start of her sophomore campaign shortened by injuries and the junior basketball season limited by COVID, Friends Central’s senior forward and captain Madison Smith, she in 2021 this winter. I’m eagerly looking to mark it-22 basketball season.

“I knew my senior year had to be a big year,” Smith said. “Due to the pandemic, I missed 11 games in the second grade and only five games in the third grade. I thought this year would be a big year if I had a schedule for this season.”

Despite the tears of MCL she suffered as a sophomore and the COVID pandemic last year, Smith earned 1,000 career points at Friends Central and was named the first team all-mainline in the last three years. ..

“No one, and I will ever beat Madison,” exclaimed Phil Annas, head coach of Friends Central Women’s Basketball. “Madison’s engine works at a much higher level than other engines. She pleases the coach with a positive attitude and a willingness to allow the coach to teach her. She never I never take off my play or belongings and never leave everything I have on the court. “

Smith, 5’8, first started playing basketball in the second year of St. Francis DeSales in Philadelphia. Her mother, Sheena, played for St. Maria Goretti from 1994 to 1998, then for Penn State del Cobrandi Wine, where her team won the UCAA Division Conference with a 25-1 record. ..

“I didn’t really like basketball when I was really small, but later my dad (Larry Smith) made me start playing,” Smith said. “My mom took over from there. She’s always there to analyze everything and tell me what I’m doing wrong, and I get angry with me when I make a mistake. My dad Is the technical side of things, and while mom is the physical side of the game, she looks deeper into the game. “

Smith attended Friends Central from 9th grade.

“I chose either Pencharter, where all my friends go, or Friends Central, who loved the environment very much. The people were open, friendly and very homely,” says Smith. “I thought Friends Central was a new challenge to discover myself in a new environment.”

Smith had a great freshman basketball season at Friends Central. When Phoenix set a record of 15-10, it averaged 14.8 points per game and 11.9 rebounds per contest.

She was also the mainline girls athlete of the week in the middle of the season and was asked during the interview who she respects most.

“My mother and father,” she replied. “No matter what comes to my mother’s path, she always finds a way to get over it and get through it. She never escapes from her problems, but they She is all I want to be: a strong black woman. Not only a strong black woman, but also a superhero – my superhero, and the best superhero in my eyes. My dad is my dad A hype and a man who offends me. I admire his intellect and his personality, especially his personality, in too many ways to count him. He is me I know how to brighten dark times with my favorite jokes! “

Smith got off to a great start in the sophomore basketball season, being Phoenix’s most valuable player, scoring 16.5 points per game, reducing 11.5 rebounds per contest, and averaging 3.0 per game when Phoenix reaches 16-11. Recorded the steel. Unfortunately, she suffered a knee injury and missed the last 11 games of the team.

“I had a great season and was on my way to earning 1,000 career points, but suffered from that injury. This was my ego check. It made me humble,” Smith said. I did.

She said the biggest challenge in her rehab (she went to school) was the spiritual part.

“It took me about six months before I could run comfortably on that lap,” Smith said. [fully].. “

Despite the fact that COVID limited Smith’s junior basketball season last year, she was the first team all-mainline for the third consecutive year, scoring 14.6 points per game and eight rebounds per contest. I pulled it down and came up with two steel games.

“COVID also prevented me from playing AAU balls [in 2020] Not only does it limit the basketball schedule at Friends Central, “Smith said. “It offended me, but it fueled my determination to spend time studying my off-time plays and to be mentally prepared for my senior season.”

Last summer Smith played AAU basketball for the Philadelphia Bells.

“There was also a trainer who helped with the layup and combo movements,” Smith said. “I did some conditioning drills and worked on my own to prepare for my senior year.”

“Madison is a very conscientious young man who handles adversity and success equally well,” Annas said. “She is a very confident and confident individual and helps people around her to feel confident and reassured about her abilities. She treats people with respect and compassion. We are always proud of the success of the group rather than personal or personal achievements. “

Smith said. “My coaches have had a huge impact on me, especially at the emotional and even physical levels. They’re like my base. At Friends Central, this team is Most family friendly, especially all coaches support me, helping me grow mentally and physically as a player. “

Smith sees her role as a senior captain, which she calls a “family elder.”

“We have built a family environment here. Eventually pulling out young players, [future] Elders, to continue the family environment we have built here, “Smith said.

This winter, Smith not only wants to reach the 1,000-point milestone, but also wants to win his 1,000th career rebound. Most importantly, she wants to help Phoenix win the Friends School League title.

“Winning the title will be something that should be left at school,” Smith said.

– Eddie Levin contributed to this article.

Friends Central’s outstanding forward Madison Smith is about to mark her this winter – Mainline Media News

Source link Friends Central’s outstanding forward Madison Smith is about to mark her this winter – Mainline Media News

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