Frick Park Neighbors Consider Proposed Fern Hollow Bridge Design | News | Pittsburgh

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Image: PennDOT

Rendering a new design of Fern Hollow Bridge above Flick Park

While prominent Pittsburgh officials commented on the new PennsDOT rendering Within the Shida Hollow Bridge, residents living near the bridge used social media to express their frustration.

Rendering of a new bridge being replaced after the original bridge Collapsed Released on January 28th and March 8th, it has gathered criticism from multiple groups and stakeholders, including feedback from the city’s arts committee.

aesthetics According to some people, the design is similar to a “highway elevated road” WESA.. On March 10, Mayor Michael Lamb asked PennDOT, the project leader, to “pause” the design and give single-minded users more space to fill. Pittsburgh Post Gazette.. THe promoted the acceleration of the project, which is scheduled to begin in April, but so far meant a lack of public opinion on the design and development of the project.

However, this did not stop people living near the collapsed bridge from providing their opinions to the public.

Gabriel Marsden from Wilkinsburg I drew her own proposed layout I posted it to several neighborhood Facebook groups for the bridge and for feedback.

“I’m very familiar with this area and I believe many may not,” says Marsden. Pittsburgh City Paper Via Facebook message. “As far as I’m concerned, the bridge has a lot of non-motorized traffic, so I want more people to understand everything at stake,” Marsden said. We strongly feel that pedestrian traffic requires a dedicated lane and encourage designers to consider adding pedestrian crossings and speed bumps when appropriate and possible.

It ’s PennDOT. Said They plan to keep the new bridge the same length and width as the old one. Marsden feels that the new bridge, which is 4 feet wider than the Pennsylvania cross section and 68 feet, can meet the needs of everyone.

More formal efforts are underway to open a dialogue between the community near Fern Hollow and its forces.

“We are planning a briefing session with the Regent Square Citizens’ Association and city representatives, the Mobility and Infrastructure Department, and both our councilor office and public security,” said the Greater Park Place Neighborhood Association. Jim Renkner says. City paper..

Park Place is a district on the South Bradock Avenue side of Fern Hollow.

“Initially, I didn’t think of this as a design meeting. It wasn’t our goal. Our goal was to get information about the status of the project and the status of the neighborhood for about two years of urban services. It was to do. [bridge] construction. ”

With PennsDOT releasing draft rendering, Lenkner says he looks forward to the opportunity for the group to actively share their thoughts on the Fern Hollow Bridge project.

Click to enlarge Cross Section of Proposed Design for Fern Hollow Bridge-Image: Pennsylvania

Image: PennDOT

Cross section of the design plan for the fern hollow bridge

“My first job was to build a bridge. Well, that’s not really enough,” says Lenkner. “We want to get the best bridge we can build.”

To that end, Wilkinsburg resident and public transport advocate Laura Wiens identified some other concerns related to the construction of a better bridge, with the previous bridge being “outbound rush hour. It was crowded inside, cyclists were concentrated, “I posted on the Park Place Neighborhood Facebook page. When I entered the traffic, the sidewalk was too narrow to accommodate people with strollers and wheelchairs, crossing the bridge. Crossing the street is like playing a stroller, and people drive the Forbes very fast in both directions, especially on the inbound side. It suggests that these design flaws are not exacerbated by the new implementation, but are fixed by the new bridge. ”

Wiens says CP She wants to disagree with the idea that community opinions are inconvenient for the bridge development process.

“If we don’t fix these issues during the rebuild, we can endure these issues forever,” Wiens continued on Facebook.

Steve Cowan, spokesman for PennDOT Said the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review The agency is working with Pittsburgh’s Mobility and Infrastructure Division, Pittsburgh City’s Public Works Division, Pittsburgh Park Reserve, and the Pittsburgh Historical Landmark Foundation to rebuild the bridge. According to Cowan, PennsDOT will add public commenting capabilities to its website so that individuals can send feedback on the project.

Frick Park Neighbors Consider Proposed Fern Hollow Bridge Design | News | Pittsburgh

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