Freida Pinto “Living Now” Thanks to Motherhood | Entertainment News

Freida Pinto learned to “live in the moment” thanks to her parents.

The 37-year-old actress and husband, Collie Trang, welcomed their son Lumirei to the world in November. The star of “Slam Dog $ Millionaire” is “excited” to a new stage in her life.

Hello she! Magazine: “I’m excited to start this new stage of my life. It’s already taught me a lot and will really change my world. To live in that moment. You told me.”

Frida “always” wanted a child. She looks forward to building a strong bond with the little boy.

She states: “I always wanted to be a mom. My family is excited.

“The most important thing is the bond you share with your child, like my family has with me.”

Freida, who released the happy news she was hoping for in June, had previously admitted that she had already experienced a series of “surprise” during her pregnancy.

She states: “There are lots of heart-wrenching moments, and then lots of beautiful moments.

“It was a roller coaster, but it was good. If you learned anything during pregnancy, it’s a great preparation to learn to let go of a little control into your motherhood. Controlling everything is No. You can make all the plans for the world and you just have to be open and ready for what has to happen. “

Freida and Cory secretly married during a coronavirus pandemic last year.

She recently said, “We are already married! If you need to know, it’s a very romantic story.

“When we got engaged, we thought we would have this most magical wedding, but COVID happened and it’s still happening. We’re planning this for the rest of our lives and never do it. I noticed that.

“So one day I decided to go to the Honda Center in Anaheim. [California].. “

Freida Pinto “Living Now” Thanks to Motherhood | Entertainment News

Source link Freida Pinto “Living Now” Thanks to Motherhood | Entertainment News

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