Freeman is aiming for a national title by taking over the Irish in 5th place

South Bend, Indiana — Marcus Freeman was officially introduced as the 30th head coach of the University of Notre Dame on Monday afternoon, saying “I’m ready for this challenge.”

“I’m ready to take this program to the highest level,” said 35-year-old Freeman. He was not a head coach, but an assistant at five schools. ..

These heights Freeman wants include the school’s 12th National Championship and the first since 1988. From 3 years old.

The Fifth Irish, who missed the college football playoffs of four teams this year and finished fifth, will not shoot this year, but instead play with a record of 11 to 1 in the Fiesta Bowl on January 1. To do. 9th Oklahoma (11-2)

“Being the leader of this program is not a single person, and it will never happen,” Freeman continued. “Being a leader in this program means understanding that you will take others to succeed on this journey. You need to do this as a team.”

Freeman thanks John Jenkins University President, Jack Swobrick, father, mother and wife Joanna and her six children, a crowd of more than 400 people in an Irish athletic facility, including a marching band and cheerleader at the University of Notre Dame. bottom.

However, Freeman said more than 100 people attended when Kelly, the school’s best coach, left Notre Dame last Monday night and accepted a 10-year, $ 95 million base contract with a Louisiana coach. Gave the player the greatest praise.

“You are an extraordinary thinker,” Freeman said. “You never look for an easy path. Most of you never take shortcuts. You are a tireless worker and you are committed to excellence in everything you do.”

Junior running back Kyren Williams said the University of Notre Dame is broadening its horizons by hiring Freeman, the second blackhead coach in school history.

“For someone of a color like me, that means everything,” Williams said. “We have a lot of diversity (in the team) and we are moving forward at this university … we can accept more and more different things.”

Williams was one of seven team captains who met Swabrick after a four-minute talk to a stunned team at 7am before Kelly left campus for Baton Rouge last Tuesday afternoon. was. Williams and the other six – Nose Guardle Kurt Hinish, Linebacker Drew White, Center Jarrett Patterson, Wide Receiver Avery Davis, Defensive End Myron Tagovairoa Amosa, and Safe Kyle Hamilton – Showed Swabrick what he was looking for in a new coach.

“What they claimed I understood was that they had built the best culture in college football,” Swabrick said. “They also wanted me to know that they owned the culture. They made it. It was theirs. And their message was clear and compelling. In some way it was Jack. Don’t ruin this.

“The perspective these seven captains gave me put a heavy finger on the scale in favor of Freeman,” continued Swabrick. “They and I strongly believe that Marcus is the perfect guardian of you, the very special culture that student athletes have built up.”

Father Jenkins, who was in Rome last week, met Freeman at Zoom and was equally convinced. “Marcus Freeman is clearly a person who influences young people by caring for them, winning trust, inspiring them, and challenging them to do great things,” Jenkins said.

Notre Dame remained in the company as a key member of Freeman’s aggressive defense with graduate students Hinish and White, out-of-field roommates, 40 sack (6th nationwide), 15 intercepts (10th), and 18.2 points (9th). I was delighted with that.

“I think he (Swabrick) was supported by our beliefs,” White said. “The next man told him he was already in the building and ready for work. He (Freeman) has infectious energy to him. He gathers young men.”

“That was the team’s biggest concern,” Hinish said. “We felt that way from top to bottom. It’s great to see the results we wanted. He (Freeman) values ​​you as a person more than as a player.”

Players later met with Freeman to plan the rest of the semester, including preparing for the final exam and a meeting with the Cowboys.

Freeman is aiming for a national title by taking over the Irish in 5th place

Source link Freeman is aiming for a national title by taking over the Irish in 5th place

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