Freeland is a discreet tour through pot farming tests.Screen | Pittsburgh

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It feels like there has been a noticeable change in the film since the pandemic, especially for characters who have withdrawn from society.From a woman who gives it all up Nomads To a chef like a hermit pig, Bo Burnham insideThere are more and more stories of people who are just outside the grid.

You can now add Kate McLean and Mario Furloni Freeland To that list.I’m playing now Low House CinemaMovie star Krisha Fairchild, a longtime California cannabis farmer, suddenly faced the very real threat that legalization poses to her business. A stunning land farmer who spent her life as an outlaw, she decided to leave herself to a rapidly commercialized business, despite the idyllic lifestyle barriers beginning to approach her. I’m not interested at all.

This movie is a terrible criticism of where the legitimate weed industry is heading. Over and over again, it asks the audience, “Is this what we really want?” Yes, more and more patients are getting the right medicine for them, but at the expense of those who were there before, and at the expense of the overall nature of the plant, by venture capitalists and start-ups. It is slowly decaying. In the scene that speaks towards the end of the movie, Devi tries to become a bigger person and looks for a distributor at the cannabis convention. Instead, she met tech brothers, equipment that wasn’t suitable for growth, and an looming banner that said “Cannabis meets the capital.”

Unfortunately, some of the movie themes and ideas have fallen out of the way as poorly cooked, and some issues haven’t been addressed at all. It’s a shame that the subject-heavy films don’t provide many platforms for the overwhelming disparity in the battle for legal weeds. legal.

The film’s intentional pace and filming style, close to the director’s documentary, serve as both a blessing and a curse. It is naturalistic, often beautiful, and compels its tranquility. But it also doesn’t provide enough of some of its subplots, especially the relationship between Devi and her employee Josh (Frank Mosley), which requires more research.Charm FreelandThe suppression of is obvious, but the observation camera may want to probe a little more.

However, with core performance as good as Fairchild, it’s very easy to overcome these flaws. With more highlights, it’s the type of work that will be considered for all awards, and she’s essentially stunning as Devi in ​​every scene of the movie. She is ferocious yet maternal and stubborn, but very helpful. A hippie with the sick and sadness of knowing that the world isn’t looking at things like her. Fairchild is asked to do a lot here, and there are no false notes.

Topic Freeland More and more states will see a large green dollar sign flashing every time a new pharmacy opens, so it won’t slow down immediately. There is no easy answer, and the movie doesn’t really offer them. Instead, it offers to see what the industry is slowly scraping off, real people who still really believe in the products they are growing, and what they feel deeply.

To provide deeper insights into the film, Rowhouse will host a Q & A session with producer Laura Hebaton on Tuesday, December 14th. The movie will continue to be shown at Low House until Thursday, December 16th.

Freeland Q & A with producer Laura Heberton.. Tuesday, December 14, 7:00 pm. Low house cinema. 4115 Butler Street, Lawrenceville. $ 11. rowhousecinema.com/events

Freeland is a discreet tour through pot farming tests.Screen | Pittsburgh

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