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“Free Solo” filmmakers exchange peaks of depth in “The Rescue” | Nationwide

of “rescue,” Academy Award-winning “Free Solo” filmmakers E. Chaivasalhelii and Jimmy Chin are exchanging climbing peaks for water depth.

Their documentary, premiered on Sunday at the Toronto International Film Festival, follows the 2018 rescue of a youth soccer team from Tham Luang Cave in Thailand, detailing the bold underwater operations of an international group of elite cave divers. I am. The release of National Geographic, due out in theaters on October 8, is a pulsating, nerve-inducing, non-fiction masterpiece at the festival and the first major big-screen documentary. A real drama that fascinated the world..

“It’s ironic that we went underground from these great heights,” laughed Chin, who, as a professional mountaineer and skier, usually shoots around steep cliffs.

Compared to two highly acclaimed previous films, Vasarhelyi and Chin— “Mel” And “free solo” — “rescue” may seem like a trivial task.Most filmmaking, or not including hanging from the side of a shark fin in Melpeake, Himalayas, India Suspended on El Capitan’s Yosemite granite monolith with free solo rock climber Alex Honnold Naturally, it looks like something in good shape.

Still, the “rescue” challenge was, in many respects, more urgent. Vasarhelyi and Chin, who are married with two children, did not film the event itself for the first time. They track footage that contains a large amount of news broadcasts from outside the cave and little from the inside, giving a compelling and clear view of the overwhelming rescue done in the cloudy dark seas. I had to splice them together.

As the world watched and it rained, about 5,000 United Nations worked tirelessly to free the 12 boys and their coaches from the flooded caves. This operation ultimately relied mostly on the only cave diving talent of private enthusiasts.

“I’ve been to caves. There are some really rewarding things about this story. It’s really hard to recall the charm of caves,” says Vasarhelyi. “The first two minutes I was there were like this.” This is horrifying. Why does everyone do it? And it’s like this siren. Cool, fun, mysterious, a little scary “

To connect the stories, the filmmakers who survived the pandemic relied on interviews about Zoom and real British divers and carefully filmed recreation. The overall operation lacked diving skills to pull off the unlikely two and a half hours of swimming that saved the boy. However, the trials of these documentaries do not appear in “Rescue”. Rescue uses underwater footage and 3D graphic maps to make dark stories very clear.

Documentaries are not the only version of the story. On the fiction side, there’s already the rarely seen “The Cave” of 2019, played by diver Jim Warney. The rights to the boys’ story have been sold to Netflix, which is planning a 2022 miniseries. Ron Howard, due out next year on MGM, is also working with Viggo Mortensen, Colin Farrell and Joel Edgerton on a drama titled “Thirteen Lives”.

National Geographic, however, owned the right to the diver’s story. One of the thorough captures of The Rescue is how difficult it is to find and reach boys, and even more difficult to find a plausible rescue path. On the 16th day, the cave divers swam one child at a time while calming, anticipating that the monsoon could sink further into the cave and cause death.

For those who casually pursued trials, “rescue” reminds us of how anxious the plot stabbed the nail.

“According to the media, we just went in and found the boy. Then every day we went in and took the boy out, and it all seemed to go without a drama. Many of the missions Richard Stanton, a leading and decorated British private cave diver, said, “No one really saw what was involved. What actually happened and what it was. You will understand if it was a dangerous decision and how close it was to the borderline. “

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“Free Solo” filmmakers exchange peaks of depth in “The Rescue” | Nationwide

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