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Free Arizona Voting with 151 Votings Scrutinized for Fraudulent Claims | Nationwide

Phoenix (AP) — A review of potential fraudulent elections in the 2020 general election in Arizona’s second-largest county ended Friday, and prosecutors criminalized any of the 151 cases reviewed. Announced that it is not worthy of responsibility.

The findings in Pima County provide yet another official counter-argument to former President Donald Trump’s allegations that voter fraud led to his defeat in Arizona and other fierce battle states.

The Announcement by Pima County Law Firm Close the book on more than two-thirds of all cases of potential fraudulent voting considered by election authorities and prosecutors across Arizona.

Pima County Prosecutor Laura Conover found a case in which voters deliberately submitted multiple votes, but “recognized that their actions could count or result in multiple votes. There is little evidence that he acted with.

“Our research revealed real confusion about the election process, especially related to mailing and provisional voting, and the real fear that their first vote would not be counted for a variety of reasons.” Conover said in a statement.

No voter counted multiple votes, according to Conover.

In the Associated Press survey Less than 200 cases of potential scams in Arizona identified Until last week, election officials in Maricopa, the state’s most populous county, said they had discovered 38 potential fraudulent votes during a thorough review of 2.1 million votes. These cases were sent to the Office of the Attorney’s Office for review and possible prosecution.

This included five voters identified as voting in multiple counties, and six could have voted twice in Maricopa County. The county report also found 27 cases in which voting forms were counted by people who died before being returned by mail. They were referred to the Attorney General for further investigation and possible prosecution.

According to an AP review, across 15 Arizona counties, the total number of potential fraudulent elections in the 2020 presidential election is 230, including 151 currently closed in Pima County. was. 3.4 million votes across the state.. Maricopa County is considering another 100 cases involving people who died near the election but still voted.

So far, only 10 criminal charges have been filed in Arizona.

Associated Press Review All potential cases of fraudulent voting in six fierce battle states Trump disputed less than 475 people and wouldn’t have made any difference in the 2020 presidential election. The review was completed before Maricopa County discovered 38 new cases.

Democrat Joe Biden won in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, winning 79 votes from the Electoral College with a total of 311,257 votes out of the 25.5 million votes cast by the President. The disputed vote represents only 0.15% of his winning margin in these states.

All potentially fraudulent votes were against Biden, and even if they weren’t, and even if those votes were actually counted, in most cases they weren’t, the case had consequences. I couldn’t question it.

Pima County, home to 1.1 million residents and the city of Tucson, has identified most of the more likely cases of fraudulent elections than any other Arizona county. This is because the Pima County Recorder Office, unlike the other 14 county recorders in the state, has the practice of referencing all possible fraudulent cases to the prosecutor for review.

Pima County officials have forwarded 151 cases to the prosecutor, out of just over 520,000 votes cast by the president. According to election officials, these errors (usually trying to vote twice) are the result of memory loss and confusion, and are likely not criminal intent, so 25 out of voters over the age of 70. Did not introduce.

Deputy Recorder Pamela Franklin told AP in July that the county saw an unusually large number of people who seemed to intentionally vote twice. In Arizona, where nearly 80% of voters vote by mail, it’s not uncommon for someone to forget to return a mailed ballot and ask for a replacement later or try to vote directly, she said. rice field. But this pattern was new.

Franklin pointed out that several factors were involved, including concerns about the US Postal Service’s delays. In addition, Mr. Trump will at some point encourage voters who voted early in the mail to appear at the polling place on election day and vote again if the polling place workers cannot confirm that the mail ballot has been received. I urged you.

A Friday announcement from the county’s elected prosecutor said the case was considered by her election law and fraudulent forces. About one-third of the 151 cases were selected for extensive research. They were involved without 23 Republican voters, 15 Democrats, and 13 party preferences.

The prosecution was trying to determine if voters who voted multiple times did so intentionally and committed a felony. However, the prosecution did not find a case where voters intended to count both votes.

“Therefore, without fraudulent intent, there is no substantive possibility of conviction of any of the voters investigated in these cases,” said Conover’s statement.

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Free Arizona Voting with 151 Votings Scrutinized for Fraudulent Claims | Nationwide

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