Franklin, Pennsylvania State University, faces another USC “distraction” heading for Auburn’s match

James Franklin wasn’t excited to talk about it. However, Pennsylvania State University coaches need to deal with conversations about USC work for an additional couple of months.

The Trojan finally fired coach Clay Helton on Monday after years of hot-seat rumors. And, as in the last three years or so, Franklin’s name was one of the top names proposed by several national retailers as a candidate.

Franklin said on Tuesday, a few days before Nittany Lions hosted Auburn in his annual whiteout game, when asked about his name being linked to the USC, he said, “I can tolerate any form of distraction. No, “he said. “Today we will discuss this with the (player’s) Leadership Council so that we can be sure that all our energy is in preparation for Auburn. That is how we handle it.”

This week, Pennsylvania State University is receiving national attention. ESPN brings a traveling “College GameDay” show to Happy Valley. This will allow Franklin to drop in on a live interview set on Saturday morning. More than once.

In reality, speculation will not go away until the Trojan is hired full-time. This may not occur until the normal season ends in late November.

One of the other top names mentioned is Cincinnati’s Luke Fickel. He has Barecat in the top ten and was specifically hired by current USC athletic director Mike Bourne for the job.

Fickel was more direct in his response to a similar question at a press conference on Tuesday, but even that did not slow down speculation about his future so much.

“I don’t talk to anyone — I rarely talk to my family during the season,” Fickel told reporters in Ohio. “So I didn’t talk (about coaching at USC), answer phone calls, etc. I don’t know anything and aren’t interested.

“It’s not a big deal. If people allow it, it’s just a distraction, and for us it can’t.”

The Franklin-USC talks became like an annual tradition, with all parties pardoned during the pandemic last fall.

• Franklin on USC work in 2018: “Yes, first of all, I think it’s the time when all this happens. It’s the time. It’s crazy and crazy. It’s time.

“As you know, as always, we are completely 100% focused on (the next opponent). From everything I understand, even talking about the job is fair or correct. I don’t think. “

• Franklin in 2019 joked about USC’s work during the week of undefeated confrontation with Minnesota: “I also heard that the name (of Minnesota coach PJ Freck) mentions a bunch of (work).” Said. “So you could spend a lot of time calling him and talking to him about it and their programs.

“But we love it here. I really enjoy teaching these guys, and I really don’t see it change anytime soon.”

Of course, USC’s work has never really been opened up. In 2019, Franklin was also a target for opening in Florida, but Pennsylvania State University finally approved his new contract next winter.

Franklin’s current deal will continue until 2025, with a base salary of $ 5.5 million and a bonus opportunity. His acquisition, which departs for another job, is listed at $ 4 million.

So why doesn’t Franklin immediately shoot down reports that other schools are interested in him?

For one thing, the interests can be mutual. The USC is one of the few programs with a higher cap than Pennsylvania State University, with its fertile recruitment sites and wide open competition at Pac-12. Franklin, his ambition is to be the first African-American head coach to win a national title, and that goal is more feasible at the USC without a lasting power to compete for the title. Revealed what seems to be.

Second, Franklin’s interest in other schools helped speed things up at Pennsylvania State University, including more money for staff and plans to improve facilities.

For now, no one knows how it works. USC’s work will surely attract many candidates — ESPN reported on Tuesday that it could be mixed with Kansas City Chiefs attack coordinator Eric Vinniemy — and something settled It may take several months before it is done.

It’s up to Franklin and his program to keep it from breaking the strong start of the season.

Franklin, Pennsylvania State University, faces another USC “distraction” heading for Auburn’s match

Source link Franklin, Pennsylvania State University, faces another USC “distraction” heading for Auburn’s match

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