Four Selected as Top Women’s Nonprofit Leaders List | News

Women in four regions were selected by the Womenin Business of Pennsylvania Business Central on the 2021 Top 20 Women Nonprofit Leaders List.

Recognized in this publication is Alice Paul House Executive Director Audi Boyles. Jane Rockard-Clawson, Secretary-General of United Way, Indiana County. Johnny McCargan, President and Executive Director of the Jimmy Stewart Museum. Linda Mitchell, Executive Director of Downtown Indiana.

• Boyles joined Alice Paul House, a comprehensive victim services organization in Indiana County, as Executive Director in 2013 to fund the organization’s new facility, which opened in November. Her work at APH focuses on keeping women and their families physically and mentally healthy and safe.

She held positions in the Corrections Bureau, the Pennsylvania Probation Board, and Parole, and later was responsible for managing the Watercress Secure Treatment Unit.

Boyles holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology and a master’s degree in labor relations / human resources from Indiana University, Pennsylvania.

• Lockard-Clawson has been Secretary-General of the United Way of India County since 2017, using her passion to raise money and enable nonprofits while making a positive impact on people’s lives. We are maximizing the sex.

She has been a leader in nonprofits for over 35 years, 26 of whom were CEOs of access Abilities. She was also Director of Marketing and Business Development for VNAs in Indiana County.

Lockard-Clawson holds a bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation / recreational therapy from Pennsylvania State University.

• McCargan was appointed President and Executive Director of the Jimmy Stewart Museum in August 2019. During his tenure, the museum was renovated and renewed, and the gallery was exhibited and expanded.

She also oversaw the redesign of the organization’s website, logo, and online store. McCargan is also reaching out to strengthen community relationships and partnerships.

She was previously a Financing Coordinator for the United Way of Indiana County, a Board of Directors for the Museum, Alice Paul House, Indiana Soccer Booster, Indiana Area School District Local Board of Directors, and Downtown Indiana.

McKirgan holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Michigan State University.

• Mitchell was Assistant Director of Downtown Indiana before being appointed Executive Director in January 2018. Her roles include promoting downtown business districts to both county residents and visitors, maintaining and beautifying downtown, and It’s Wonderful Life Festival.

She has worked for a variety of nonprofits, including Adagio Health, who has been Director of Communications and Development for the past 30 years.

Mitchell welcomes IUP’s University Museum, Indiana County Tourism Board, Indiana, and is a board member of the WQED Pittsburgh Community Advisory Board.

She is also the current chairman of Indiana Women in Networking and a member of the Indiana Autonomous Region Community Development Committee.

The elected individuals were selected by the Pennsylvania Business Central editorial team from a list of nominations sent by business leaders, chambers of commerce, and their readers from across the 23 county region of publications.

Four Selected as Top Women’s Nonprofit Leaders List | News

Source link Four Selected as Top Women’s Nonprofit Leaders List | News

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