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Quarterback Lamar Jackson regains attention as Ravens opens a training camp at Owings Mills on Wednesday. His plot against contract negotiations obscures the anomalous state of the team’s roster. .. At least not yet.

Indeed, ongoing rehabilitation actually forces some backups to the role of the first string. And yes, the injury will inevitably rock the Ravens depth chart somewhere. But in most cases, the most interesting roster battle between general manager Eric Decosta and coach John Harbaugh is closer to the bottom than the top of Ravens’ predicted depth chart.

Prior to the first week of Ravens practice, let’s take a look at how the four camp tournaments are formed.

Start left guard

What Ravens needs here is another Bradley Boseman. He is a young and talented lineman who can survive the full season. Boseman did not miss a left guard start in 2019 or 2020 before returning to the center last season. His immediate successor in 2021, Tire Phillips, lasted less than half in the opening round before his injury. Ben Powers started the next 12 games, splitting the repetition with the often injured Ben Cleveland. Powers was then injured and Cleveland started the last four Ravens games.

According to Sports Info Solutions, Powers, entering the final year of the rookie deal, is probably the most stable of Ravens’ left guards last season, ending with the trio’s lowest overall blowblock rate (1.6%). rice field. However, when Phillips and Cleveland enter the camp on the lower floors, the ceiling also rises. According to SIS, Phillips struggled when he was forced into a tackle mission last season, with 40 snaps on the left guard and the blocks weren’t blown away. Cleveland, on the other hand, was impressed with pass protection as a rookie, but lacked the knockback power he showed in Georgia’s running games.

3rd place running back

Depending on the availability of JK Dobbins and Gas Edwards, both are still recovering from pre-season knee injuries, but this fight for a preliminary job could turn into a fight for a starting job. I have. That was the case last season, when Ty’Son Williams emerged from the wreckage of Ravens’ running backroom with a thin spot on the depth chart.

This year’s challengers are fourth-year veteran Justice Hill, rookie Mike Davis, and sixth-round Pick Tyler Buddy. After losing the 2021 season with a torn Achilles tendon, Hill should join a mandatory mini camp and be in better shape for a training camp. He was an outstanding special team in 2020 and is now an even more valuable asset due to the off-season defeat of defensive back Anthony Levin Senior (retired) and inside linebacker Chris Board (free agent). .. However, the suitability for his attack has not yet been determined.

29-year-old Davis appeared to have stepped into the Ravens attack shortly after signing in May. But he needs to show more than he saw at the Atlanta Falcons last season. He finished last in the qualifying running back with an unexpectedly average rushyard. According to NFL next-generation statistics.. Then there’s Buddy, who rushed to lead the Southeastern Conference last year and was impressed as a receiver of off-season training. His biggest obstacle may be his inexperience. Neither Dobins nor Edwards broke out until November of the new year.

No.3 wide receiver

Devin Duvernay’s production as a two-year receiver in Baltimore was inconsistent, but he joined the camp as Ravens’ second wide receiver with adequate employment security. Is Ravens’ third choice, James Prosh II or Tyran Wallace, less certain and perhaps less important?

Prosh easily cleared Wallace last season in both total yards (202 to 23 yards) and relative efficiency (1.2 to 0.5 yards per route). However, Wallace didn’t have much sample size to pull from it, like Prosh in Rookie’s Year. By the 10th week he had played 9 offensive snaps and 3 games with a total of 2 digit snaps.

Regardless of how they stack up — Prosh has a better hand and is a more advanced route runner, but Wallace predicts that he is more flexible at home and abroad as a more dangerous downfield threat. You also need to play regularly this season. The biggest hurdle to rotation can be the grouping of “heavy” personnel. If the Ravens rely on the look of two or three tight ends, fewer snaps are available in the wide receiver.

Ensuring safety

There may not be fierce competition for handicap. Given the uncertainties of Chuck Clark’s possible trade markets, the first round considers Kyle Hamilton’s diversity and Ravens’ willingness to play three or more safety-not to mention the overall depth of the position. It’s hard to know how many spots Decosta will be. Book for your safety.

Marcus Williams, Hamilton and Clark are sure if he stays. But how many others make a roster of 53 people? Genostone has taken a step forward in his second season in Baltimore and has a snap of the 2021 special team, the third most returning Ravens. Tony Jefferson was impressed with the additions later in the season and bothered quarterback Lamar Jackson’s coverage at the mini camp. And Aldarius Washington, who missed the mini-camp due to an injury, was promising as a newcomer enough to make his first roster last year.

Stone will probably be your favorite if the final spot results in the abilities of a special team. If veteran leadership is a decisive factor, Jefferson will have the upper hand. And if Ravens can’t afford to let go of either, they keep both.

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Four Position Battles to Watch at Ravens Training Camp – Reading Eagle

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