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Former, entering the 10th year of his professional soccer career UCF Run back Ratavius ​​Murray I have a message to the NFL.

“I’m definitely physically ready,” said Murray, who was no longer signed this offseason. Orlando Sentinel..

Murray has summer UCF Along with other current NFL players such as Sammy Watkins, a receiver for the Green Bay Packers, Trequan Smith, a product of New Orleans Saints, and Wideout Gabriel Davis of Buffalo Bills.

Murray appreciates the opportunity from UCF Coach Gasmarzan To train at his old school where he played college ball 2008-12 with former knights like Davis and Smith.

“Gas informed him that he wanted to get us back, and that’s an open door policy,” Murray said. “It’s a cool situation for ex-players to have a place to train and train and to be around the players who are here now.”

A group of professional athletes are trained under Bad Wigam, who works closely with Davis and other NFL players.

Murray, who spent a year on a one-year contract with Baltimore Ravens last season, said the off-season was different from the rest of the season. The NFL training camp around the league began this week, the longest time Murray has been a free agent.

“I’ve been trying to learn to thank my family for spending time at home and for not having OTA or minicamp requests,” Murray said. “When the time comes, just make sure you’re ready.”

Murray believes that the time is coming soon.

“When the training camp begins, there are a lot of movements,” he said. “The unfortunate part of the business will be injured.”

“So who knows how the roster sways? We know the game.”

During his nine years in the league, Murray has become a durable running back. Except for his ankle injury during his rookie season, he has only missed six games in the next eight seasons.

According to him, he has led all NFL running backs in 107 games played since 2015. CBS Sports.. No other running back has played more than 100 games in that span, according to CBS Sports calculations.

Murray said he has grown significantly both mentally and physically since his college days in Orlando.

“I’ve always felt in my career that I can continue to get better and find ways to get better,” he said. “I’ve been doing that for years. That’s what I can do with the NFL and continue to improve the game in ways never seen before.”

He’s been in good shape this summer, but Murray had to wait for the NFL season to come soon.

“It’s certainly frustrating,” he said of being still a free agent at this point in July.

But Murray hasn’t yet waved a white flag on his NFL career.

“It’s a difficult part when you’re not ready to leave, or when you know you have good football left to contribute to the team,” he said. “I know what I have and I know I can still give but not.

“But look, it’s part of the business.”

By training at the UCF while with others in the NFL, Murray achieved a total of 119 carry at 501 yards and achieved the team’s best six rush touchdowns in 14 games against Ravens last year. Did.

“Many people may encounter such situations, perhaps giving up, quitting training, and losing their mental urges,” he said. “Fortunately, I did a lot of protection with the people who are still in the league. [me] Just to get ready.

“Now it’s just a waiting game.”

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Former UCFRB Ratavius ​​Murray is preparing for the NFL team – Reading Eagle

Source link Former UCFRB Ratavius ​​Murray is preparing for the NFL team – Reading Eagle

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