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Harrisburg, PA – Phillip T. Trometter returns to the Penn Strategies team as Vice President of Operations.

Trumpetter, president of President Trump’s executive officer at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, was formerly Senior Vice President of Penn Strategy.

Work with the White House, Congressional staff, and senior presidential appointees across a range of federal agencies, including: United States Department of Agriculture. The Department of General Procurement, Health and Welfare Services, Environmental Protection Agency, Small and Medium Business Administration, Department of Economic Development, and Trometter helped develop Opportunity Zones in the following states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Washington DC

“Improving neighborhoods for Pennsylvania every day is nonpartisan. At Penn Strategies, we are proud to work with a variety of stakeholders to achieve results in communities of all sizes. The company builds public-private partnerships, creates family-supporting jobs, and supports the economic growth of what we call our hometown. We have experience in federal economic development at one of Pennsylvania’s leading economic development consulting firms. I’m excited to return to a Penn Strategies. “

“Phil was an important part of the company’s founding. He worked with multiple federal agencies during the Trump administration to help create jobs and improve communities, and this expertise is a growing list of clients across the federation. “Says Jason Fitzgerald, president of Pen Strategy.

Philip Trometter was the winner of Williamsport’s “Key to the City” and was named one of Pennsylvania’s “Who`s Next?” By Billy Penn Magazine in Philadelphia. Young Pennsylvanians shaping politics. “

Trometter holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy from Penn State University, a graduate of the Penn State Institute for Planning and Education, and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Arkansas State University in August 2021.

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Former Trump administration official participates in pen strategy | Life

Source link Former Trump administration official participates in pen strategy | Life

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