Former President Trump talks indictment, election fraud, more in return to Erie

A rowdy and energetic crowd of Trump supporters eagerly awaited his arrival to Erie insurance arena.

When the former president finally arrived, he was met with roars and cheering.

Trump said his trip back to Erie will be the first of many as he looks to get back on the campaign trail.

The former president addressed many topics, including the recent indictment charges he’s facing.

“They waited two and a half, almost three years, so that they could bring this up right in the middle of my presidential election because it’s election interference. They’re crooked people,” Former President Trump said. “You know they’re not indicting me; they’re indicting you. I just happen to be standing in their way that’s all it is.”

Trump doubled down on his claims regarding the Biden family. . . Pointing the finger at recent investigations into international relations.

“Until the FBI, DOJ, and IRS hand over every scrap of paper they have on the Biden Crime Families corrupt businesses dealings. We have to know, and the public deserves to know,” Trump said.

Election reform was another talking point of the former president who is still saying that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

Trump said if he returns to office, his goal is to have one day voting with only paper ballots.

Former President Trump was receiving support from all over Pennsylvania including U.S. Representative Mike Kelly.

“I’m asking you to put in your mouthpiece, pull down your helmet, tighten your chin strap, and let’s go out and win. Win, let’s go win, let’s go win! This is Trump Country; this is a Trump nation,” Representative Kelly said.

At Saturday night’s rally, Trump vowed tackle several issues including inflation, the housing market, wages, gas prices, defend Pennsylvania energy jobs and end a war on fracking amongst other things.

“And we will make America Great Again. Thank you, Pennsylvania,” Trump said.

Trump’s full speech can be watched here. Former President Trump talks indictment, election fraud, more in return to Erie

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