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Former Georgetown Tennis Coach Convicts College Scam | Work

Boston (AP) — A former Georgetown University tennis coach accused of receiving more than $ 2 million in bribes to help children enter school, according to a court document filed Wednesday, is a major player. Plead guilty to college admission scandal.

Gordon Ernst decides to plead guilty As the first trial of a large case Trapped by wealthy parents and athlete coaches across the country, it’s being held in federal court in Boston.

According to court records, Ernst, who was to be tried in November, agreed to admit allegations, including a plot to bribe a federal program. His lawyer declined to comment on Wednesday.

The prosecutor agreed to recommend a sentence of up to four years in prison, according to the judicial transaction. Ernst promised to ask for at least a year behind the bar.

Ernst, head coach of men’s and women’s tennis in Georgetown, was arrested in March 2019 in the so-called “Operation Varsity Bruce” case, along with more than four other dozens. Test score or fake exercise qualification.

Ernst was charged with bribeing Rick Singer, an admissions consultant at the heart of the scheme, instead of appointing multiple applicants as new tennis hires in Georgetown.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters’ personal tennis coach Ernst said after an internal investigation began after the school explained the “irregularity of athletic qualifications” of the students he was recruiting. , Leaving Georgetown in 2018. Admission rules.

He was later hired by the University of Rhode Island, claiming he was unaware of any violations of admission rules. He resigned from the school shortly after his arrest.

Ernst has been fighting prosecution for over two years and will be tried with Donna Heinel, a former senior associate athletic director at the University of Southern California, and two other coaches (former USC water polo coaches Giovambavic and former Wake). became. William Ferguson, a female volleyball coach at Forest University.

A total of 57 people have been prosecuted in this case, and nearly four dozen have already been found guilty.

The longest ruling passed so far was nine months given to Douglas Hodge, former CEO of Pacific Investment Management, who moved four children to the USC and Georgetown. He paid a total of $ 850,000 in bribes to take him as a player.

Two Parents — Former Casino Executive Gamal Abdelaziz and Former Staples and Gap Inc. Executive John Wilson — They are being tried on suspicion of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars To help attract children to USC by misrepresenting them as athletic recruits. Wilson has also been accused of bombarding more than $ 1 million to buy a way for twin daughters to Harvard and Stanford.

The trial is expected to last for several weeks. The defense lawyer told the jury in the opening statement on Monday that his parents had been fooled by the singer and began to believe that their payment was a legitimate donation.

The singer, who began working with investigators in 2018 and secretly recorded phone calls with his parents, was expected to be an important witness to the government. However, the prosecutor told the jury on Monday that he would not call him to the stand.

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Former Georgetown Tennis Coach Convicts College Scam | Work

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