Former Family Grand Prix has ended

After spending most of the 17 months closed, Ozzy’s Family Fan Center in Ontelony Township was sold in late August.

5411 Pottsville Pike Property Purchased for $ 3 Million Stork plow, Pen Township Snowblower, Parts and Accessories Supplier.

Jeen Stork, Business Manager at Stork’s Plows, confirmed the sale and said it plans to relocate its business to a new location next year, hoping for a grand opening in September 2022.

According to the commercial real estate website, the property consists of 9.5 acres of land and 52,571 square feet of structure. LoopNet..

The fun is over

Formerly known as the Family Grand Prix and best known for go-kart racing, the facility has been actively expanded since the late 90’s.

In the 2000s, the business reflected Ozzy’s with the addition of laser tags, roller skates, athletic courts, rope trails and indoor playgrounds to existing recreational facilities (go carts, miniature golf, bumper boats, batting). The brand name has changed as Family Fun Center. Cage, arcade games, snack bars.

Ozzy’s Fun Center was forced to shut down within state-wide COVID-19 restrictions in March 2020, and recreational facility bans were relaxed and will not resume as soon as they are finally lifted. It was.

The business temporarily reopened in late 2020, but soon after it was completely closed.

Pen Township’s Stork’s Plows will move to Leesport in 2022 after purchasing the former Ozzy’s Family Fun Center on Route 61 in August. (Andrew Krup)

Stork raid

Founded by Gene and Theresa Stork, Stork’s Automotive opened along Route 183 in 1986 and initially functioned as an auto repair shop specializing in Jeep and Renault models, selling and rebuilding side plows. bottom.

In the 90’s, the stork became a plow sub-dealer and bought adjacent real estate on either side of the original business.

Partly driven by strong plow sales, it continued to expand for decades to come, and in 2015 storks stopped car repairs to focus on the plow side of the business.

Now known as the Stork Plow, the website says that the Stork of Jean and Teresa still runs with the children Jean and April, and the dealer has more than 2,000 plows and employees. Is 20 people.

Further development of lease port

The future location of the stork plow, located on the north side of National Highway 61 near the intersection with National Highway 73, seems to have been a highly desirable commercial property.

Blueprints recovered online By Reading Eagle It has revealed potential plans to split the Ozzy’s Fun Center parcel into three retail businesses, one of which is a Wawa convenience store and a gas station, but no such split has ever occurred and most The real estate website then deleted the image.

The property offers high visibility due to the influx of new businesses, warehouses and redevelopments at the eastern end of the Leaseport district, which spans the Ontelony Township, and the volume of vehicle traffic through its 61 range.

Details of Stork’s Plows’ plans to convert its former amusement facility into dealers and warehouses were not immediately available.

Former Family Grand Prix has ended

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