Former Ambassador and Investment CEO Wanting Pennsylvania Senate Seats | News

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania — Former President Donald Trump’s Danish ambassador, Carla Sands, announced on Tuesday that he would join the crowded Republican key areas of the Senate in Pennsylvania.

She probably brings considerable personal wealth to the race and brings ties to Trump in races where such ties may make sense in the primaries where such ties are contested.

Sands toured California Republican dinners, rallies, and fundraising activities for months, and after returning from Copenhagen to sell her home in California, introduced herself to party ranks and file members.

The competition for the Pennsylvania Senate will be one of the most competitive in the United States in 2022 and is expected to help determine the management of the Chamber of Commerce.

Democratic Party Their own contested primaries In a fierce battle state that has not elected two Democratic senators at the same time since 1944.

The video of the Sands introductory campaign hits standard Republican themes and attacks on Democrats. In a brief interview, she said she decided to run while in Denmark and saw the Democratic Party’s “Lefts and Their Rhetoric and Hard Turns.”

“I couldn’t recognize it because it was lurking in the left of the socialists, and I was worried about our country,” Sands said.

Although she has never run for public office, she worked for a charity in Los Angeles and appointed two Trumps in 2017. One was appointed to his Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy and the other to be the Danish ambassador.

Sands, 60, grew up in Cumberland County, a suburb of Harrisburg, and spent most of his adulthood in California.

So she became CEO of Vintage Capital Group, a real estate investment firm founded by the prominent Republican campaign donor, philanthropist, and real estate tycoon Fred Sands, who died in 2015.

She helped raise money for Trump’s campaign in the 2016 presidential election, hosted a fundraising campaign at Bel Air’s mansion, and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Trump’s campaign.

“President Trump, I helped him get elected in 2016. I fought for him because I saw a leader looking at the world as it was, not as people wanted. He believed in me, “Sands said.

Sands had a career in television and film and was a chiropractor before marrying Fred Sands in 1999.

While she was the Danish ambassador, she sold two homes in California, according to the Los Angeles Times. One was $ 13.7 million for Malibu and the other was $ 19.5 million for Bel Air.

Upon leaving the ambassador’s post, she submitted a public disclosure of the asset and valued more than 50 accounts or assets between $ 35 million and $ 152 million. This is a wide range that is the result of the government’s request to value each asset within a specific dollar range. ..

The primary election is May next year.Seats open after Republican U.S. Senator Pat Toomey Announced in October He will not run in the third term.

Republicans already running Sean ParnellA veteran and writer of the decorated Army, with regular guest appearances on the Fox News program, he has become a favorite of Trump and real estate investors. Jeff Baltos Especially conservative commentator Kathy Barnette.

All three lost in the final race — Vice Governor Bartos in 2018, Parliamentary Burnett and Parnell in 2020 — and Sands said, “Everyone in the Republican race actually ran and lost. … I’m the winner. I’m serious about playing and I’m going to win this race. “

As Trump’s Danish Ambassador, she Allegedly banned An American scholar known to be critical of Trump by speaking at a US government-sponsored seminar on NATO and transatlantic relations in Copenhagen.

In February, the US Special Advisory Office reported that Sands repeatedly used the official Twitter account of the US Ambassador to Denmark to violate the Hatch Act.

Federal law keeps government employees out of partisan politics.

From late 2019, Sands has sent or retweeted numerous messages from accounts that criticized Democrats and Democratic presidential candidates and retweet groups that supported Trump, according to the report.

Sands’ violation of the hatch law continued after the office warned her, saying she was “knowing and intentional.”

Her lawyer replied to the agency and disagreed with the conclusion.

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Former Ambassador and Investment CEO Wanting Pennsylvania Senate Seats | News

Source link Former Ambassador and Investment CEO Wanting Pennsylvania Senate Seats | News

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