“Foreverland: About the Sacred Tedium of Marriage”

In her new book, “Ask Polly” Advice Columnist Heather Haveli Reskey Share details of her relationship with her husband, revealing what a “modern marriage” really looks like. She is not afraid to talk about the deterioration, conflicts and tough compromises that often result from marriage. Recently, she has been enthusiastic about calling her husband “a pile of laundry odors,” among her other nicknames. But through all the stumbling blocks and difficult times, Haveli Lesky still argues that marriage can be glorious. And if we can learn to overlook the little things, we’re not so crazy about devoting our lives to one person. She joins us and discusses her new book, Foreverland: About the Sacred Tedium of Marriage..


NY Times: Marriage requires amnesia “The spouse is a blessing, the curse is wrapped in one. What about otherwise? Hatred is not the natural result of sleeping near other humans for years. Why?”

New Yorker: Heather Haveli Lesky’s Guide to Enduring Marriage “Unlike many memoirs that double as advertisements thinly obscured for the author,” Foreverland “adventures an occasional unpleasant honesty not only for Bill but also for his author. “

InStyle: InStyle: Hate your spouse is not a danger signal you think it is “Marriage is designed to break you. You will forget everything you knew before. You will tremble with the weight of your own shortcomings.”

“Foreverland: About the Sacred Tedium of Marriage”

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