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For transgender people, Republican candidates find the latest “wedge problems” | Nationwide

Scranton, PA (AP) —Dr. Mehmet Oz leans forward to ask a little girl, “Do you remember your parents thinking you were a boy?”

The question was just a few seconds of the entire 2010 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, which focused on the experience of raising a transgender child. However, this clip is currently appearing in an attack ad aired by Super PAC, which assists one of the Republican primaries in a crowded high stakes race in the Senate of Pennsylvania.

Another campaign ad from Missouri Republican Senator candidate Vicky Heartsler targets transgender people in sports, and she mentions NCAA athletes — Ivy League Championship champions. University of Pennsylvania swimmer Ria Thomas — Her deadnaming and saying, “Women’s sports are for women, not men pretending to be women.”

And on Wednesday, Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who is running for reelection, said Ordered a state child welfare agency Investigate reports of gender-identified care for children as abuse.

The ridicule and contempt of transgender people, and those who are considered their allies, is skyrocketing in radio waves and state capitols across the country as the 2022 election campaign heats up. This is a classic strategy of finding a “wedge problem” that motivates the political foundation, says political observers.

“They are only armed with the fact that most everyday Americans are not yet aware that they know someone who is transgender,” said the Managing Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality. One Rodrigo hen Retinen said. “It’s easy to fall into the myth about a group of people you don’t know, and it’s just a human being … seeing a group of politicians trying to use it for their own benefit. Is really disappointing. “

Republican veteran pollster Neil Newhouse said the Republicans are using it because public opinion is on their side.

According to Newhouse, the idea of ​​limiting transgender athletes has struck a chord with parents of high school athletes, motivated Republican supporters, and supported voters two-to-one.

In the primary, Republican candidates can use it to establish conservative qualifications and run first or with enough power to own the problem, Newhouse said. Or you can use it to push your rivals to the left, he said.

Asked to comment on ads that don’t mention sports, Oz’s campaign uses inaccurate terms to describe transgender women, and celebrity surgeons said, “Biological men are women’s sports. You should compete with them. “

Efforts to make political hay for transgender and other LGBTQ people go far beyond just campaign advertising.

At least 10 states have banned transgender athletes from participating in sports in a manner consistent with gender identity.

Indiana Ready to be 11thAlthough federal courts have blocked Idaho and West Virginia law. And some states, like Texas, have banned or are investigating gender-verifying treatments.

The story of transgender people as a threat has strong similarities to the use of bathrooms and the ban on same-sex marriage, and Anita Bryant’s “Save our children” campaign In 1977, Andrew Proctor, an associate professor of political science at Wake Forest University, who studies and teaches LGBTQ politics, said.

According to Proctor et al., The political framework is often to protect girls, which expands their appeal.

“That’s a good message. Who doesn’t want to protect their children?” Said Don Heider Markel, a professor of political science at the University of Kansas.

An example like Ria Thomas One of the few in Japan In an interview, Hertzler, who quotes his experience as a high school athlete and coach, said that the issue of trans-athletes is “advertising in the Senate race because it is an expression of the awakening given to us from all sides. “. It’s beyond common sense. “

A spokesman for athletics at the University of Pennsylvania said Thomas would not comment on the ad.

In Pennsylvania, Super PAC TV ads in favor of Republican David McCormick are trying to characterize Oz as a “name-only Republican” or not conservative enough.

Super PAC, Pennsylvania Honor, Millions of dollars from conservative billionaire Kenneth Griffin.

The ad is ripped in seconds from the episode, incorporating opinions from pediatricians and their parents about the new well-being of children and presenting transgender children without the context of a measured perspective. To do.

The attack ad clip stops after Oz gently asks a girl in the military family if her parents remember when she thought she was a boy. The entire episode continues:

“A little,” the girl replies.

“Tell me a little about it,” Oz says. “What do you remember?”

The girl’s mom sitting next to me says, “How did you feel when I took you and cut your hair at the base hairdresser?”

“It made me very angry,” Josie replies.

“You didn’t like to cut your hair,” says her mother. “Why not?”

Josie replies: “Because I’m a girl, not a boy.”

The Pennsylvania Honorary Political Consultant did not return a message asking why it wasn’t conservative enough to make Oz. A spokesperson for the McCormick campaign did not return a message asking if McCormick agreed to the advertising attack.

Josie and her mother couldn’t find to comment on what was featured in the political attack ad a few years later.

Lisa Middleton, Transgender Mayor of Palm Springs, California, said: The problems that exist before us in this world and in this country today … It is irresponsible to make it more difficult for transgender children and their parents to lead their lives to adulthood. It’s a non-American. “

Republicans aren’t the only ones using the wedge issue — Democrats often cast the wealthy in a negative way for political gain.

However, Paul Goren, a professor of political psychology at the University of Minnesota, said the GOP’s goal for transgender people could live longer, as the two parties’ efforts towards same-sex marriage have changed with public opinion. Said. He said the Republicans would move on if it wasn’t rewarded with an election victory.

In Texas, Abbott’s letter arrived just a week before the state’s Republican primary. This is the first time in Japan in the 2022 cycle. This is in line with recent legal opinion from Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton on sex-confirming treatments that incorporate puberty suppressants and hormone therapy.

Arkansas law prohibiting such treatment People under the age of 18 are blocked by federal judges, but in other states Consider a similar law.

The backlash in Texas comes from civil liberties groups, medical professionals, and district attorneys in some counties.

Kimberly Shappy, a Texas nurse and mother of an 11-year-old transgender girl Kai, said she was distraught and began looking for a job in another state. She said her family has already been severing for years in efforts to prevent transgender children from using public toilets that match their identities.

“As transgender parents, our close community is just a shipwreck,” Shappy said at a video press conference hosted by the American Civil Liberties Union. There were a lot,’Are we organizing our documents? Do you have a plan? Is it time for us to move? “

But she said she didn’t know where to go.

“The entire United States is igniting anti-transgender law, not just Texas,” Shappy said. “Where is the safest place for transgender children to live in now? Because there isn’t much left.”


Levy reported from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Associated Press scriptwriter Jim Salter of St. Louis and the Associated Press scriptwriter Lynn Elber of Los Angeles contributed to this report.

For transgender people, Republican candidates find the latest “wedge problems” | Nationwide

Source link For transgender people, Republican candidates find the latest “wedge problems” | Nationwide

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