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This felt like a victory in at least one point after the defeat on Sunday night in Orlando.

Victor Oladipo scored the most 40 points for Miami Heat players this season. Director Erik Spoelstra looked back on the conversation between the two as they headed for Oladipo’s return from quadriceps surgery in May.

“Interesting,” Spoelstra leaned forward as if he accepted the opportunity to come into contact with the subject. “After this morning’s shootaround, he and I talked about it. From the first practice after the all-star break, he was perfectly healthy and had already really excited things for three weeks. Compared to where he was physically and mentally, he is exponentially different from where he is now and is even more along the way.

“I really respect and admire how he handled the whole process.”

This has emerged as a moment of pride for Spoelstra to support a process that may have been completely unthinkable this season.

Still, shortly after Spoelstra talked about the benefits he had already achieved, Oladipo was asked about his coach’s comments. He was confident that he would reach such a moment.

“I don’t need this to build confidence,” Oladipo said in a very quiet tone, so he could hardly hear it. “I had to believe in myself and keep getting better.

“As I said before, it’s about rehab and it’s a rehab process for me. I know the situation. I’m back in the middle of the year. No, but I Believe in himself and his game. My self-confidence never shakes. “

To Spoelstra, it looks like it’s already been achieved, a pointless finale of the regular season, against most of the second players in the NBA’s second worst team, but just such a breakout performance. You have reached the point of.

For Oladipo, the upcoming NBA Playoffs will show him heading for that moment with his performance against Magic on Sunday and, more importantly, a 21-point outing with the key a week ago. I have. Seed victory in Toronto.

“I felt very good playing basketball, going out and being myself, doing my best to do whatever it took to help the team win,” he said.

It all sounds very simple: Former All-Stars make noises in the scoring sequence, show recovered athletic performance, and believe there may be more in short order.

But it’s not that simple. His one-week-old performance against the Raptors came with Jimmy Butler, who spent the night resting. The breakout on Sunday took place throughout the game’s heat starting lineup without affecting the standings.

In reality, when Spoelstra first tried to bring a 29-year-old guard into the mix, there was a rough patch that included four consecutive losses. When Oladipo was handed out from the mix, there were six consecutive wins, except for that opportunity in Toronto.

It was during the winning streak that players such as Butler, Kyle Lowry and Bam Adebayo talked about the better spacing that the complementary three-pointer offers.

No one compares Max Strus, Gabe Vincent, Duncan Robinson, and Caleb Martin’s resumes to Oladipo’s resumes. It’s not near either.

But rotation is more than playing the nine best players. It’s about finding the nine people who fit best. And all four above are more true spot-up shooters than Oladipo (with a recent three-point revival). This is a type of 3-point shooting that optimizes floor space.

Therefore, the dilemma between Spoelstra and Oladipo as the heat prepares for the start of the camp before the playoffs.

Victor Oladipo is one of the most talented players on the list. But at this point, he may not be optimal because he was injected into the equation later in the season.

“Unfortunately I didn’t get the right card,” he said. “Now I’m in a position to have everything I need to maximize whatever I need to maximize my health. Now I’m feeling better. But I’m feeling better. We still need to improve. “

When he spoke almost whispering, it was clear that Oladipo wasn’t trying to rock the boat sailing towards the top of the Eastern Conference standings.

So no, he didn’t bite the question about the playoffs.

“I have no control over it,” he said. “When I get a call to my number, I’m ready.”

And that’s where, on the surface, Spoelstra believes the story should stand. Dedication to a tough rehab process can create playoff moments, but even if it isn’t, it’s a festive inspirational effort.

“There are a lot of people who have injured that may not be exactly the same injuries that will push everything up next season,” Spoelstra said. “And he made himself available, put himself there to be vulnerable, and really gave in to the team. I was really happy to have such a performance. [Sunday] night. “

For the heat, move on to the playoffs.

For Oladipo, to an unknown world, as it has been in the midst of injury rehabilitation for years.

“We will continue to move forward,” Spoelstra said.

Because, in this case, this decision is all that Spoelstra can say and that he can guarantee.


For Heat and Victor Oladipo, it’s complicated – Reading Eagle

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