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First Bus from Texas Brings “Illegal Immigrants” to Washington, DC | US and World News

Washington-Texas Governor Greg Abbott has fulfilled his promise to board immigrants who illegally enter the United States from the state to the capital.

The first bus arrived at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on Wednesday morning, carrying “illegal immigrants” from Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Statement issued by the governor.. Abbott said they were dropped between the US Capitol and Union Station.

Abbott added that the second bus was on its way to Washington. The next step after immigrants arrived in the capital was not immediately clear.

Second-term Republican Abbott, seeking re-election in November, announced a bus plan last week in response to the Biden administration ending title 42, a pandemic-era health order that effectively blocked immigrants from entering the United States. bottom.

Border guard officials said they plan to arrive as many as 18,000 people daily when orders expire on May 23. Two weeks ago, about 7,100 immigrants came to the southern border of the United States for a day.

“As the federal government closes its eyes on the border crisis, Texas will continue to close its gap and stick to its efforts to keep the Texans safe,” Abbott said in a statement Wednesday. “By busging immigrants to Washington, DC, the Biden administration will be able to respond more quickly to the needs of those who allow them to cross our borders. Texas secures our borders. You don’t have to bear the burden of the Biden administration’s failure to do.

According to Texas Emergency Director Nim Kidd, the state has assembled a pool of up to 900 buses for operation.

Immigrants processed and released by the Department of Homeland Security “must be transported and volunteer to present documents from DHS” to board a bus or plane. According to the news release From the governor’s office.

The White House last week dismissed Abbott’s move as a “publicity stunt.”

Abbott also ordered state soldiers to stop and inspect commercial vehicles that cross the US-Mexico border in order to curb trafficking and the influx of drugs into the United States.

In protest of the inspection, Mexican truck drivers blocked the Farreinossa International Bridge, one of the busiest trading ports on the border. Unusually long backups (some of which last more than 12 hours) are piled up elsewhere along the Texas border of approximately 1,200 miles.

The Mexican government said Abbott’s orders were causing “serious damage” to trade.

Abbott warned last week that inspections would “dramatically slow” border traffic, but hasn’t dealt with backups or port shutdowns since.

According to the National Freight Transportation Chamber, an estimated 3,000 trucks cross the Far Bridge on a normal day. The Far Bridge is the largest land port for agricultural products such as leafy vegetables to flow into the United States.

First Bus from Texas Brings “Illegal Immigrants” to Washington, DC | US and World News

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