Fight for takeaway cocktails and leak to Pennsylvania Senate

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During the two-hour afternoon on Thursday, the Pennsylvania House removed the word to approve the private sale of canned cocktails. Invoice Permanently legalize takeaway mixed beverages before approving 170-31.

The proposal is now back in the Senate, a tripartite politics over whether private alcohol dealers can enter the $ 31.8 million market among restaurants, liquor lobbies, and unions representing employees of the public liquor system. The battle has begun. Pre-packaged mixed drink.

To ask Governor Tom Wolf for signature, the bill must be approved there unchanged.

R-Northern Burland Parliamentarian Kurt Masser, a trade caterer and key sponsor of the bill, said restaurants, convenience stores and grocery stores are known in the industry as “ready to drink” 6 He said he helped sell packed canned cocktails. Drink a drink. “

What is preventing Harrisburg lawmakers from making takeaway cocktails permanent?

However, Mr Masser said the House of Representatives did not have a vote to approve the bill for privatization of alcohol.

“That’s a shame,” said Masser. “It’s moving Pennsylvania this century. Like many alcohol laws in Pennsylvania, we’re outdated.”

Under state law, beer vendors can sell brewed variations such as White Claw. However, sales of already bottled liquor-based drinks such as Jack Daniel’s and Coke must go through the state-owned liquor supplier, the Pennsylvania Liquor Management Board and its stores.

Senator Mike Regan, who chairs the Senate Committee overseeing the issue of liquor, has added amendments that allow such powerful drinks to be personally sold anywhere from beer distributors to Senate grocery stores. did.

A week before Regan added the measure, he raised money at his brother-in-law Frank Sourbia’s home, which owns a major beer distributor in the Harrisburg area.

Reagan’s Chief of Staff told Capital Star that the two were not discussing policy.

Wolf threatened veto by offering canned cocktails, but the Senate passed the bill anyway. It went to the house for further action, where Regan’s changes were revoked.

The bill includes other measures to support restaurants, Masser told Capital Star. The bill allows restaurants with expanded outdoor facilities to remain that way until the end of 2022.

The restaurant will also receive an unlimited catering permit until the end of 2022, and liquor license holders will be able to store it for an additional year before obtaining the license. Canceled By board.

In a statement, the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage Bar Association, which represents bars, saloons, Speakeasy and drinking fountains, approved the new language. Grocery stores and convenience stores will also hurt such facilities as the sale of ready-to-drink cocktails expands, said executive director Chuck Moran.

Meanwhile, takeaway mixed drinks were a tough year restaurant lifeline, Moran added.

“Many facilities took advantage of this opportunity, but many patrons enjoyed the comfort and safety of professional mixed drinks at home, while supporting local taverns and licensed restaurants,” he said. Told.

Moran urged the Senate to act before Congress was adjourned in the summer to permanently approve the bill without further changes.

Fight for takeaway cocktails and leak to Pennsylvania Senate

Source link Fight for takeaway cocktails and leak to Pennsylvania Senate

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