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Few lessees apply for relief.Relaxation of pandemic rules | News

Fewer than expected lessees are applying for pandemic assistance in Pennsylvania, submit application now to tenants with stagnant rents in light of the judge’s recent decision to defeat the country’s peasant eviction moratorium It warns state officials who have urged them to do so.

Has been decided Put on hold While the Biden administration is appealing. However, due to uncertainties surrounding the moratorium, the Human Services Department, which operates the state’s rental assistance program, has begged lessors to use the program.

Deputy Secretary-General of the Department of Homeland Security, Meg Sneed, said on Tuesday, “I am very concerned that people are not moving quickly to pursue this support because the moratorium was expected to take place. I’m doing it. ” “And I’m very worried about what will happen and what the situation will be if the decision is passed.”

According to Sneed, the program aims to help Pennsylvania avoid the wave of evictions of peasants caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 67 counties in Pennsylvania received approximately $ 847 million in federal bailouts to help tenants pay rent and utilities. The state rent relief program started in March.

An early sign is slow to get off the ground. Only about 8,000 rental assistance applications have been submitted through state portals, equivalent to two-thirds of Pennsylvania’s counties. The average benefit is approximately $ 4,000 per applicant.

More complete numbers are expected next week.

“We don’t want to leave our money unused if we know that there are likely to be incredible needs across Pennsylvania,” Sneed said.

Pennsylvania Department of Housing Finance Returned the rest, Some of them went to the state’s orthodontic department.

The main obstacle that discourages landlords from participating in last year’s program (up to $ 750 for monthly payments) does not apply this year.

In other coronavirus-related developments in Pennsylvania on Tuesday:

Relaxed collection restrictions

Pennsylvania allows more people at indoor and outdoor events.

Starting Monday, the occupancy limit will increase from 25% to 50% of the capacity of indoor events and from 50% to 75% of the capacity of outdoor events.

“As adults in Pennsylvania are vaccinated and the CDC’s guidance evolves, we can continue our federal reopening efforts,” Governor Tom Wolf said in a statement Tuesday.

State has Previously announced Almost all COVID limits, such as bar, restaurant and other business capacity limits, and indoor and outdoor event rally limits, will be removed on Memorial Day. The state mask mandate remains until 75 percent of adults are fully vaccinated. Approximately 45.6 percent of people over the age of 18 are fully vaccinated as of Tuesday, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, city officials have announced that pandemic regulations will be relaxed later this month and will be almost completely lifted on June 11.

Starting May 21, retailers and offices will no longer need to operate in reduced capacity, and the city will lift the rule that bars and restaurants can only serve alcohol with food. Limits on gym, exercise classes, theater capacity, and outdoor and indoor catering events will be relaxed.

The city will lift all restrictions under the Saferat Home initiative on June 11, but its masking requirements will remain for the foreseeable future.

Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said he maintains the obligation to mask to ensure that case dips and positive rates are not just seasonal phenomena.

“It’s not a big deal. It’s a light thing. I’m not asking people to carry a piano,” said Mayor Jim Kenney, adding that he plans to wear a mask during the winter. It was.

VAX for young teens

Young teens on the outskirts of Philadelphia were lined up for vaccination on Tuesday after the US Food and Drug Administration extended the use of double-dose vaccines to ages 12-15.

Approximately 750,000 Pennsylvania children will be eligible for Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots after the US Food and Drug Administration has expanded the use of double-dose vaccines to ages 12-15, according to state health officials.

The Montgomery County Public Health Department began administering shots to children of that age group on Tuesday, while the State Health Department was provided by a provider. Approved by the Federal Vaccine Advisory Board, This is expected to happen today.

“Under all relevant legal powers, once approved by the FDA, prescribers are allowed to prescribe the vaccine,” said Kelly Cofrancisco, a spokesperson for Montgomery County. The Vaccine Commission “chosen to move forward because it has no role in deciding whether to start Pfizer vaccine administration today.”

According to Cofrancisco, about 300 people between the ages of 12 and 15 signed up to take shots, except for walk-ups.

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Few lessees apply for relief.Relaxation of pandemic rules | News

Source link Few lessees apply for relief.Relaxation of pandemic rules | News

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