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Fetterman, Oz Respond to AP Review of Lieutenant Governor’s Records

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman said Thursday morning, The Associated Press (AP) published a review In his four-year daily schedule as lieutenant governor,

An AP review of Fetterman’s daily calendar and attendance record claimed he maintained a light work schedule and was frequently absent from state business throughout his term. It suggested that Fetterman’s schedule was blank for about a third of the workdays through May.

The review provoked many reactions from Fetterman, along with his campaign, political rivalries and state leaders.

The Fetterman camp also accused the AP of providing what they called a detailed background of his responsibilities and accomplishments as lieutenant governor. I provided an explanation for my absence.

Defense of Fetterman

After the review’s release, Fetterman and members of his campaign criticized the AP, saying their report was an inaccurate representation of the senator’s tenure.

“This report misleadingly and inaccurately reflects John’s actual schedule and fails to capture the breadth of his official duties and accomplishments on behalf of the people of Pennsylvania as lieutenant governor,” it said. Joe Calvelo, spokesman for the Fetterman election campaign, said.

Fetterman defended his time as lieutenant governor, saying he made an impact on the state by helping transform the office and boosting support for many causes.

“As a four-term mayor of Braddock and currently serving as Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, I have demonstrated that I can exert influence beyond the mandates set forth in a particular position. My record of showing up and shaking is transforming pardon commissions, saving Pennsylvania millions of taxpayer dollars, defending LGBTQIA+ rights, legalizing weed, union membership and lowering the minimum wage. Expanded statewide support for raising wages.”

State Leaders Show Support

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe and State Senator Tony Williams also defended Fetterman’s tenure by issuing the following statements:

John is a dedicated civil servant who has supported my priorities for the past four years. The lieutenant governor’s office has limited responsibilities, but it has taken important actions, such as a tour of 67 counties to investigate the legalization of adult recreational marijuana and working on criminal justice reform by reforming the pardon process. As just two examples of his character as a civil servant, he was one of the first to stop by the Fern Hollow Bridge collapse site. Also, in Philadelphia, when two state troopers were murdered, he joined me in the barracks to meet in person with their troops and offer their condolences.

Governor Tom Wolfe Statement

John has gone above and beyond in expanding the role of lieutenant governor and truly transforming the way the office works. He also has a statewide presence, with him visiting all 67 counties to meet with Pennsylvania residents since his inauguration. In the State Senate, for the last four years, John has always been there when we needed him and when it really mattered.

statement from State Senator Anthony ‘Tony’ Williams

Comments on Oz’s Twitter

Senate Rival and Republican Candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz posted on Twitter He commented on the AP review in a video, stating that Fetterman “was a no-show his entire life” and only showed up at his parole meeting to “unleash murder on our streets.”

Fetterman strikes back The heart surgeon turned TV doctor on a social media platform and said he wasn’t “going to be lectured about ‘showing up’.” Rather than traveling to California on Thursday to raise money for the millionaire, he called it only showing up last year to run for Pennsylvania.

Oz asked Fetterman, “Did you wake up just now?” The Republican candidate went on to suggest that Fetterman “do more yoga in the morning” and “ask John Bulkins if there are openings in his prison class.”

March 2021, Pennsylvania Amnesty Commission, posted a series of tweets About the Bulkins, who are serving a life sentence after being charged with stabbing to death a 58-year-old Bucks County woman in December 1990. Her DNA test for the murder weapon that could prove Bulkins’ innocence.

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In a separate statement from communications director for the Dr. Oz Senate campaign, Brittany Yannick said Fetterman was a freeloader and would likely have to move back in with his parents.

“Freelord John Fetterman skipped a third of his time as mayor of Braddock. He skipped a third of his workday as lieutenant governor. Now he doesn’t turn up for debates, lies about his health and hides from the press,” Yannick said. “John Fetterman wants a big tax increase for Pennsylvania’s working class, but he himself worked very little and failed to pay taxes 67 times. If things don’t work out, I’ll probably have to move back in with my parents.”

Fetterman Campaign Details Results & Schedule

Fetterman’s campaign announced what they say is a detailed background to the lieutenant governor’s duties and schedule during his term and term as mayor Braddock.

The following was provided by WTAJ. Official campaign of US Senator John Fetterman.

Background attributed to Fetterman’s campaign:

  • The Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor’s official duties also include chairing the Pennsylvania Amnesty Commission, of which Fetterman has a record of 100 percent attendance, and has “turned a small agency into a larger tool for the criminal justice reform movement.” worked”.
  • Fetterman also undertook other public duties. For example, Gov. Wolf appointed Fetterman to chair the statewide COVID Response Task Force for Health Disparities and had Fetterman lead conversations in 67 counties statewide in a town hall-style session on marijuana legalization. I got
  • Fetterman was the first Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania to refuse to live in a taxpayer-funded lieutenant governor’s mansion. His Fetterman decision not to live in LG’s mansion saved Pennsylvania taxpayers an estimated $400,000 a year.
  • John also used PA taxpayer dollars responsibly to undercut the LG office’s budget by $776,000 in his first two years in office.

More background on John’s schedule:

  • Lieutenant Governor:
    • In the spring of 2020, much of Pennsylvania, including Fetterman’s hometown and the county where the state capitol is located, was under restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19. After the return of Allegheny and Dauphin counties, Green phase status on June 19, Fetterman reverted to being Speaker of the State Senate. As a result, Fetterman did not attend 20 meetings during this period.
    • Fetterman missed many Senate sessions due to conflicts with pardons committee meetings.Them minute is here.
      • In 2020, Fetterman missed three Senate sessions due to conflicts with BOP meetings.
      • In 2021, Fetterman has missed four Senate meetings due to conflicts with BOP meetings and at least three other meetings due to conflicts between public and jury duty.
  • Mayor Braddock:
    • As mayor of Braddock, Fetterman stopped attending Braddock city council meetings for a while after the councilors made it clear they had no intention of working with him.
    • In 2006, when Fetterman was in his first year as mayor, the city council basically sidelined him. Early in his tenure, Fetterman said the borough council blocked him from participating in borough affairs to “make him a one-term mayor and keep him out.”
    • Instead, he forged partnerships with county officials and local nonprofits to advance his priorities.
    • He was re-elected three times in Braddock and served four terms before being elected Lieutenant Governor.

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https://www.wtaj.com/2022-united-states-senate-election-in-pennsylvania/fetterman-oz-respond-to-ap-review-of-lt-governor-records/ Fetterman, Oz Respond to AP Review of Lieutenant Governor’s Records

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