Federal gun law ready to pass after a mass shooting

After years of thinking and praying, Congress is finally ready to do something about gun violence.

That’s refreshing news.

I hope lawmakers don’t think this is all they can do.

it’s not.

The bipartisan agreement reached by the Senator, who began the legislative process on Tuesday night, is a good start. It shows that they are aware of the problem and can try solutions that do not limit the rights of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment to those who comply with the law.

Bills that may be approved by the weekend should be considered just the beginning. It should be built on.

But for now, it’s clear that Pennsylvania parliamentarians lack the courage to do something, so we need to be thrilled that something has happened at the national level.

Me I wrote last week About the House Judiciary Committee, which is neglecting its obligations by refusing to vote on a bill banning the sale of assault weapons Safe gun storage,create Red flag method Allows municipalities and counties to regulate guns.

Instead of voting, the committee sent the bill to another committee. It’s as pathetic as it gets.

Or I thought so.

On Tuesday, the committee was even lower.

Most of the bills proposed by Allentown Democrat Peter Schweyer that banned people under the age of 21 from buying or possessing assault weapons were partisan.

It’s logical. You can’t buy a pistol until you’re 21 years old, but why can you buy a more powerful weapon?

Instead of voting for the bill, the Judiciary Committee chicken Amended Pennsylvania to gun control for the Archetypal Old West.. It has rewritten the law and demands a constitutional amendment so that anyone can carry a hidden gun. No permission or background check is required.

If Republicans don’t agree on a bill to deal with gun violence, why don’t they just vote and kill them forever? Republicans dominate the legislature. If the party line goes through, the bill should be destined to fail, right?

But legislative leaders don’t do that.

Opinion polls show that the general public wants action to reduce gun violence, so they don’t want to put members in the difficult position of voting against popular ones. Or put the member in a position against the party line.

Do I dare suggest that some Republican members do not actually oppose these plans and leaders know that they will vote for the law?

The US Senate deserves praise for acting like an adult and creating a bipartisan plan to progress.

14 Republicans Tuesday procedure voting Strengthen background checks and promote legislation that keeps guns away from people who have shown danger. Republican supporters included Kentucky minority leader Mitch McConnell.

Center Valley Republican Pat Toomey did not attend the vote, but supported the legislation, he said in a statement.

“This bipartisan gun safety bill protects the right of citizens to comply with the law under Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment, while taking steps to make our community safer,” Toomey said. I am saying.

He said the law “represents significant progress in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and suffering from dangerous mental illness.”

Legislation needs to easily clear the Democratic-controlled US House of Representatives, but it requires 10 Republican votes to pass the split Senate. If the numbers apply, there is support.

The law does not ban assault weapons or prohibit people under the age of 21 from purchasing them.Also, do not create universal things Background check..

But it tries to deal with the recently raised question Mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas And Buffalo committed by the age of 18.

The law requires that juvenile criminal and mental health records be checked during a federal career survey of gun buyers between the ages of 18 and 20. If you find any doubts, you are allowed to investigate for another 7 days.

However, that requirement is not permanent. It will end in 10 years. That is a big mistake.

If you need it now, why not indefinitely?You need to learn from the mistakes that happened decades ago Attack weapon It was temporarily banned and re-legalized in 2004.

The law will also close loopholes in the ability of domestic violent people to carry firearms.

Currently, this ban applies only if the abuser is married to the victim, lives with the victim, or has children. The bill will extend its restrictions to include abusers who have “current or recent previous dating relationships” with victims.

Five years later, if they don’t commit another serious crime, their right to own a gun will be restored.

The law provides the state with funding to create and manage a Hazard Signals Act that allows the temporary removal of weapons from those who have shown that weapons may be dangerous to themselves or others. To do.

And it will provide additional funding for mental health treatment and screening, as well as school safety.

It’s all a good start.

I’m sure many are watching how it makes a difference once the bill is passed. I hope it makes a big difference. If so, the legislator would be brave enough to do more.

You can contact the morning call columnist Paul Muschick at 610-820-6582 or

Federal gun law ready to pass after a mass shooting

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