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Fear aside, there is no mass escape from the twins of a collapsed building | Domestic and World

Surfside, Florida (AP) — Approximately one block from the beachfront condo tower in the collapsed Miami area is a sister building built a year later by the same company using the same materials and similar designs. It faces the same tide and saltiness.

This caused some residents of Champlain Towers North to worry enough to leave, but most were convinced that the 12-story building, almost 40 years ago, was better maintained. I said I was doing it.They say their building No same issues with support cracking In the pool area shown by Beam and the 2018 Engineering Report, South Tower had.

The· Collapse of Champlan Towers South In the town of Surfside on Thursday, attention was focused on old skyscrapers throughout South Florida, and Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava asked if such buildings under her jurisdiction comply with the required recertification of the structure. Please order a 30-day audit for completeness in 40 years. She said she wanted to address the issues raised by the inspection immediately. She also urged local governments in the county to follow suit. For example, Miami began a 45-day audit of buildings on the sixth floor and above more than 40 years ago.

Inspectors conducted a quick inspection of the building in the north, and surfside mayor Charles Barckett said he could not find any indication that the tower was at risk of collapse.

It didn’t reassure everyone.

“I’m afraid to come back,” said Rebecca Waynestock of Snowbird, who bought a condo on the sixth floor of the northern building with her husband four years ago. She was in New York, where the South Tower was. Collapsed at the beginning of Thursday, Killed at least 11 people and left 150 missing.

She agrees that the building in the north is well maintained, but she said it wasn’t enough to satisfy her that it was completely safe. Completed in 1982, a year after the South Tower, it was built by the same developer, Nathan Reiber, through his company, Nattel Construction. The possibility that the collapse was caused by a design or construction flaw means she will not come back soon.

“I’m investing, I’m away from my apartment, I’m away from the future, but we’re talking about life here,” she said. South Florida — I agree to be safe.

Residents of the North Tower who want to relocate temporarily are federally supported, as are survivors from the South Tower.

However, most of the residents interviewed on Monday are in the position of Philip and Nora Zain, who remain in the condo on the fifth floor. Zynes bought a condo 12 years ago and has lived full time for 6 years. They have some friends and acquaintances who live in the South Tower and remain missing.

“I haven’t seen any major structural problems,” said lawyer Philip Zain in the north building. “I’m not worried at all right now. I want to do a complete structural engineering and forensic examination.” It was.

Zyne said he has seen many inspectors in his building since the collapse and very few are packing to go.

“It’s by no means a major escape. I think there’s probably a quarter of the building left,” he said.

Salomon Gold, who spent 10 years as president of the North Tower Condominium Association and 20 years on the board, is convinced that the building is safe, saying he and other board members have never neglected maintenance. doing. He compared the collapse of the building with an airplane. Just because one crash doesn’t mean that others of the same make and model do so.

“We are in good shape,” said 89-year-old Gold. Naum Rusky, the current president of the Condominium Association, declined to comment on Monday.

Surfside Mayor Barckett said a detailed inspection of the North Tower will be conducted by an engineering company hired by residents on Tuesday. The town will soon inspect other old buildings. He said there was no reason to order evacuation based on the results of the North Tower preliminary examination. Still, he said he didn’t know if he would stay there.

“If asked if I wanted to spend the night in that building, I would be a little … I wouldn’t be willing to do it until we got through it,” he said.

Esther Drachman and her husband haven’t seized the opportunity. Drachiman’s 91-year-old mother-in-law lives in the North Tower.

“My mother-in-law is bedridden, so we took her out and took her to our house,” said Drachiman. If a quick evacuation was needed, “I felt like I couldn’t get her out in five minutes.”

Drachiman said her mother-in-law was not worried about the details of the disaster and was less aware of it. She said she and her husband were waiting to see if a thorough examination found the problem.

“I’ll check if the building is okay,” said Drachiman. “If so, we’ll put her back.”

The Associated Press reporter Adriana Gomez Recon in Miami contributed to this report.

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Fear aside, there is no mass escape from the twins of a collapsed building | Domestic and World

Source link Fear aside, there is no mass escape from the twins of a collapsed building | Domestic and World

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