FDWIC Hosts Virtual Conference in Elections | News

All interested individuals are invited to attend a virtual public meeting of the Indiana County Democratic Women’s Federation via Zoom on Monday at 7 pm. The focus of this program is how false elections in 2020 are used to justify voting restrictions.

All credible analyzes of the 2020 presidential election did not report election fraud, and countless proceedings alleging fraud were dismissed by courts at various levels, but some, including local councilors. Continues to suggest that there was an election fraud. Laws currently under consideration in Harrisburg may limit the Pennsylvania’s ability to vote in future elections. What are the facts? What is fiction? What is the current state of election security in Pennsylvania?

Center County PA State Assembly member Scott Conklin (D-77) will participate in this program and will provide up-to-date information on some of the bills submitted at the Pennsylvania House. He shares the goals of these bills and his assessment of how they will proceed in the future. It also describes what, as an interested citizen, can do to maintain access to secure voting in the Commonwealth.

If you are interested in enrolling in this program, please send an email to.

Registered individuals will receive both a link to the conference and two articles that uncover some of the most widespread misinformation about the 2020 general election. Reading them provides a background for Conklin’s presentation, including time for questions from the audience.

FDWIC Hosts Virtual Conference in Elections | News

Source link FDWIC Hosts Virtual Conference in Elections | News

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