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Slowly but surely, a list of 90 Ravens will come together.

On Saturday afternoon, General Manager Eric Decosta concludes his busy and rich NFL draft. Shortly thereafter, Ravens officials began filling out the team’s undrafted free agent classes. On Saturday, the rookie reports to Owings Mills for a three-day mini camp. Voluntary organized teamworkouts begin within 3 weeks.

Another wave of rear-view mirror drafts and free agents comes first, so I think the Baltimore Sun reporters Childs Walker and Jonas Schaffer, and editor CJ Doon are standing here.

Who did Ravens choose the most in the draft?

Child’s Walker: Their best choice for immediate value was Travis Jones, a Connecticut defensive tackle overall in 76th place. If Ravens could use the 14th pick in a more advertised interior defender, he could give them much of what Georgia’s Jordan Davis would have offered. Jones has the ability to put pressure on his pockets and occupy multiple blockers.

That said, the second round pick David Ojabo was a potential home run swing. Ravens would have been seriously considering choosing him at number 14 if he hadn’t torn the Achilles tendon on a professional day. He can make unusual differences at the edge, and because of his deep connection with the Michigan program, they already feel his character. Ojabo will probably not be very useful in 2022, but if you’re going to draft with as much capital as Ravens, he’s exactly the type of player you should catch.

Jonas Shaffer: One of the best compliments John Harbaugh paid to players was when he called guard Marshal Yanda a “multiplier of power.” After the legendary guard retired in 2020, Harbaugh said Yanda “makes the offensive line exponentially because he makes all the players around him so good.”

Kyle Hamilton has the potential for such defense. Decosta and Harbaugh said last week that Notre Dame stars can do everything they need for modern safety in the NFL: electric shock, tackle, tight end covers, single high safety alignment, two high safety. Alignment, Playman coverage, Playzone coverage. The more unpredictable Hamilton is, the harder it is for attacks to plan his game and the easier it is for Ravens teammates to exploit uncertainty.

CJ Doon: There is a reason Hamilton was considered a consensus stop 5 player in this draft class, regardless of position. Notre Dame’s safety could be all-pro, and although he may not be considered as important to championship candidates as the Shutdown Corner or Dominant Pass Rusher, The value of his position is rising — Especially at the top of the market.

As most experts believe, if Hamilton becomes a star, this pick could be one of Decosta’s best terms.according to Measuring Victory More Than Replacing Pro Football FocusThe 2019 Top 10 Safety was more valuable to the team than the Top 10 in any position except quarterbacks and wide receivers. It is a home run to get such value in Pick No.14.

What was Ravens’ biggest reach in the draft?

Walker: Ravens seems to have decided to use one of the six fourth round picks at Jordan Stout, a Panther at Pennsylvania State University. This can be seen in the report hanging on the wall of Peter King. For NBC Sports Decosta sensed a mini run in the coming position. So he took the stout at number 130 overall.

He instead used that pick on Calvin Austin III, a speedy Memphis wide receiver, and probably still had a shot picking a stout at number 139. Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked a panther between those slots. You hate passing coveted skill position players for specialists. Ravens took full advantage of it by taking the tight end with wide receiver skills. IsaiahLikelyof Coastal Carolina, No. 139. They were barely reached overall. This is the main reason why drafts are so highly valued.

Schaffer: Even the logic behind the Ravens pick, Stout, I can’t argue too much.Sam Kok’s explanation last summer The value of the dead eye panther is real — “The last thing I saw in analytics was a punt to 13.[-yard line] Compared to the 18 punts, there can be a difference between a 13% chance of scoring the other team and a 28% chance of scoring. — Stout accuracy earns rewards in Baltimore. In a punt fired during the 30-yard line, Stout pinned his opponent within 20 83% of the time. According to Pro Football Focus..

The Ravens 4 Pick Pick Dengeki left me wondering: what about next year’s draft? Ravens currently has seven picks in 2023 and is not expected to add a mid-round selection through the compensatory pick process. DeCosta’s goal is to include a two-digit pick in each draft. Of course, he can get there again next year by exchanging picks with the player. But it was surprising that Ravens didn’t handle any of the later picks in the 2023 selection.

let’s try it: Stout is an obvious answer given the rarity of taking a Panther as early as the fourth round, but I’m not skeptical of Ravens’ special team’s reputation. Using the media consensus bigboard as a judge, Houston’s cornerback Damallion Williams has a big reach. He ranked 256th overall and Ravens took him to pick No. 141. 5 feet at £ 10 and £ 182 Below average physical and motor characteristics, Williams is unlikely to be above the next level of slot corners. The two team captains did prove that I was wrong, but I was a little surprised to see Ravens pick him in a more athletic corner like Texas-Khalil Shakir in San Antonio. Or a promising receiver like Khalil Shakir at Boise State University.

Who is the Ravens draft sleeper selection or signature?

Walker: Jarin Armor Davis hasn’t received much attention as the injured have wiped out much of his career in Alabama, but has the physical characteristics of a first-round cornerback that could be successful on the NFL island. .. Ravens knew that they needed a young depth behind the starters Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters, and they had a developmental talent that was usually difficult to get a skill set in the fourth round. I found.

Schaffer: Would anyone be surprised if the sixth round of Pick Tyler Buddy started the season with a Ravens running back? He is fast and elusive. He is safe with a ball. He is a viable receive option. And most importantly, he’s healthy, given the other Ravens running backs he’ll meet soon. Team officials appreciate the high-end production, and Buddy broke out in his first season as a full-time starter after bidding his time during Rally Rountree III, Missouri. He had 1,604 rush yards and 6 yards per carry in 2021 and had 54 receptions at 330 yards. If the buddy can’t break the Ravens 2 deep, he can at least serve as a kick returner.

let’s try it: Consider a fan of Makai Pork, a wide receiver in Mississippi, allegedly signed by Ravens. Despite setting a school record with 105 catches and 1,046 receive yards last season, the 6-3 California transfer wasn’t drafted. He landed in an ideal situation in Baltimore, and after trading with Arizona Cardinals, Ravens had to replace the production of Marquis “Hollywood” Brown. Pork has the size, ball skills and game sense to grow into a reliable target for quarterback Lamar Jackson.

What are the most important consequences of the Ravens draft?

Walker: Without much fanfare, they moved from the generation left behind from the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI team. Publicly, they take a wait-and-see approach with their longest-lived player, Koch, but if they didn’t see him as an immediate starter, they wouldn’t draft the stout. Probably.

Jones’ choice drove home what we were already suspicious of. The nose guardle Brandon Williams, drafted the year after the Super Bowl, probably won’t come back. Ravens has reassigned Williams’numbers, along with longtime cornerback Jimmy Smith and outsidelinebacker Pernell McPhee’s numbers. If Koch is released, kicker Justin Tucker and inside linebacker Josh Bynes will be the only remaining players since 2012. Ravens wanted to be young, especially in defense.

Schaffer: The 22-year-old Rashod Bateman is currently WR1. Even if Ravens goes out and signs a free agent wide receiver to fill a Hollywood-sized hole, Jarvis Laundry? Fuller V? —Bateman is the hottest player in this season’s wide outs. He’s certainly a heavy burden, but one Ravens official believes the 2021 first round pick can be tolerated. And Bateman doesn’t have to be a performer to stop the show, as All-Pro’s tight-end Mark Andrews and a powerful running attack help. He needs to avoid a second year slump.

let’s try it: If Jackson actually intends to sign a long-term contract, Ravens is prepared for success. Jackson’s contracts are expected to make up a significant portion of the salary cap, so keeping a championship-level roster requires cheap, young building blocks. With safety, center, edge rusher, defensive tackle, tight end, cornerback and even panther, they may have found those pieces in this draft.

What is the need for Ravens’ largest roster?

Walker: They still need an edge rusher while waiting for Ojabo. It could be veteran Justin Houston. He played well for them last year with a cheap contract. They placed him an unlimited number of free agent bids this week. That is, if he doesn’t sign elsewhere by July 22, he could come back at a similar price. Houston and his 4 1/2 sack from 2021 won’t excite fans, but he’ll be a great bridge solution. If not in Houston, Ravens would need to bring in another veteran to pair with Oduff Owe. The possibility of the start of the season has also been questioned after Tias Bowser tore the Achilles tendon at week 18.

Schaffer: The variety of Ravens depth and safety helps solve some of the shortcomings of cornerbacks, especially slots, and inside linebackers, especially passdowns. But another problem with outside linebackers. Ojabo was considered a first year project of the pre-draft process, even if it was healthy. Bowser’s rehabilitation cannot be rushed. Daelin Hayes has dealt with injuries throughout his playing career. Jaron Ferguson doesn’t show much as a pass rusher. If the season starts next month, Malik Harrison will probably be in rotation. Ravens need to find help. Otherwise, there is an increased risk of misery caused by last year’s aggressive tackle swamp.

let’s try it: Wide receivers are clearly less important to the run-first attack led by coordinator Greg Roman, but Ravens needs someone like Brown who can threaten the defense vertically.Before Jackson fell in the second half of last season, he Was one of the best downfield passers-by in the league.. Bateman could be a reliable No. 1 target, but he doesn’t intend to challenge cornerbacks deeply. After the first few waves of drafts and free agents, finding a consistent downfield threat is easier than it sounds, but veterans like TY Hilton and Fuller would be a wise investment.


Favorite draft topics, maximum reach, 2022 roster results, and more – Reading Eagle

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