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Favorite and least favorite Christmas food in Pennsylvania

(WTAJ) — Every holiday has a trademark food that grows in popularity. As we approach the upcoming holiday season, some of you may be wondering what the most and least popular Christmas dishes are.

In a survey conducted by crest lineThe branded merchandise company surveyed more than 2,100 Americans to share their thoughts on Christmas food, including entrees, sides, desserts, drinks, and vegan alternatives.

Across all states; Their findings showed The least popular Christmas foods were found to be persimmon pudding (13%) and fruitcake (25%). The most popular foods are roast potatoes (91%), potatoes with scallops (83%), roast beef (77%), red velvet cake (76%), ham (76%), and Christmas nuts (76%) was.

in Pennsylvania The most popular Christmas dish was roast beef. The least popular dish was goose. crest line is marked We found that there are many differences between states, as there are many different dishes prepared at Christmas.

Roast beef ranked No. 1 in Pennsylvania and Missouri, while only Pennsylvania and Virginia ranked goose as the least popular dish.

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Nationally, the most popular Christmas cookie is chocolate chip (94%), followed by sugar cookies (86%), fudge (82%), M&M cookies (82%), and snickerdoodles (79%).

https://www.wtaj.com/happy-holidays/pennsylvanias-favorite-least-favorite-christmas-dishes/ Favorite and least favorite Christmas food in Pennsylvania

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