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The district attorney’s office, Larry Krasner, moves a monument to a fallen Philadelphia police officer within his office after facing a backlash last week for concealing compliments.

On Monday, a spokesman for the Krasner administration, Dustin Slaughter, said in an email that Krasner would discuss with members of the Fraternal Order of Police at the District Attorney’s Office and select “appropriate new placement for the wall of memory.” Stated.

A photo distributed on social media on Friday shows a banner promoting the District Attorney’s office, which was covering the wall of memory. The banner was displayed in the same way that Krasner used as a background during media events.

McNesby accused Krasner on the banner and tweeted, “He’s angry with police officers throughout his career.”

Police Secretary Danielle Outlaw also jumped into the controversy and tweeted. “The immediate debate was about honoring and respecting the police officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. A simple” temporary “would have been sufficient. In the future, you should consider finding a place where you don’t have to hide the hero’s monument. “

The slaughter said the banner was temporarily placed in front of the monument due to legal requirements when the area was in use.

“After discussing with Outlaw, DAO (Regional Prosecutor’s Office) and PPD (Philadelphia Police Station) are on the same page, moving the memorial wall to another visible space in the office, but need to be covered. No. Due to legal requirements, it’s best to move forward, “Slaughter said.

Fallen Philadelphia Police Officer Monument Moves | Local News

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