Fall to 7th place IUP in men’s basketball in Kutztown

The No. 7 IUP won Kutztown 86-73 in a crossover game at the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference on Friday at Keystone Arena, using a big run that began in the second half of the first half and ended in the second half.

The Golden Bears (0-1, 2-4) took the 33-30 lead in the Evan-Eric Longino free-throw pair, leaving 2:12 in the first half.

The Crimson Hawks (1-0, 6-0) closed the half in a 9-1 run to lead 39-34 and climbed to 46-34 with the first 7 points in the second half.

Kutztown did not approach 8 for the rest of the way.

Mo Williams led the Golden Bears with 18 points. Michael Smith III had 15 people and Longino had 14 people.

Seandale Jones scored 29 points and Armoni Foster scored 18 points and 10 rebounds in the IUP.

St. Mary’s (Md.) 73, Penn State Berks 54: On Friday at the Burks Campus, the United East Conference lost to the Seahawks (1-0, 1-4), Jared Hawk scored 20 points, and Jeffora 14 on the Nittany Lions (0-1, 0-5). I got points. ..


IUP 68, Kutztown 53: At Keystone Arena on Friday, the Golden Bears (0-1, 6-3) fell to the 10th Crimson Hawks (1-0, 7-0) at Pennsylvania State Athletics, outscoring 48-23 in the second quarter. it was done. Meeting crossover.

KU led 17-4, with 1:10 in the first quarter.

Rylee Derr led the Golden Bears with 23 points. Casey Rimorde had 10.

Courtney Alexander scored 29 points to lead the IUP.

St. Mary’s (Md.) 69, Penn State Berks 26: At the Burks Campus, Emily Clapper scored 10 points as the Nittany Lions (0-1, 0-8) lost to the Seahawks (1-0, 1-5) in the United East match.

Fall to 7th place IUP in men’s basketball in Kutztown

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