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now ABC, CBS, fox, NBC, And CW With all the fall schedules for the 2021 and 2022 seasons announced, we know when to make the toughest decisions.

For example, can you win by dancing and singing on Monday night? Dance with the stars And The Voice Both at 8 / 7c? Which procedure will win on Wednesday 10 / 9c? Chicago PD Or return CSI When Vegas? Will Shondaland Station 19 And Grey’s Anatomy Defeat one of Dick wolfTakeover (Law and orderThursday)? What does night and time change mean for long runs? NCIS??

The following analyzes some of the biggest time-of-day battles TV viewers may face when it comes to what they watch live during the 2021-202 season.


Dance with the stars versus The Voice

so 8 / 7c, It’s a two-hour music competition showdown. Dance with the stars With ABC The Voice At NBC. But do people choose to go along with comedy (CBS’ Neighborhood And Bob Harz Abyssola) Or drama (9-1-1) In the first hour? It may depend on what people think about the change DWTS Last season.

NCIS versus Big leap versus 4400

what about NCIS From regular Tuesday night on 8 / 7c to 8am on Monday 9 / 8c? On the contrary, there was no problem broadcasting The Voice (Or one of the Bachelor Nation series) As it has been in the past, this significant move can rock things.In addition, Fox will debut a new drama Big leap In slots, CW is broadcasting that reconsideration 4400There is some competition.

Good doctor versus NCIS: Hawaii versus Ordinary Joe

Winner 10 / 9c Slots can be very dependent on the type of drama you like: Medical (Medical)Good doctor Procedural (on ABC), procedural (new NCIS CBS spin-off) or character (Ordinary Joe At NBC). HawaiiHow to evaluate NCIS I will do it in my new home.


Bachelorette versus FBI versus The Voice

what about FBI Kick off the franchise night and take over NCIS‘Slot 8 / 7cCan you beat it? Bachelorette And / or The Voice? 9 / 8c is likely to have stable performance, but it can depend on how much FBI Fans want to tune in overnight.


Survivor versus Masked singer versus Chicago Med

Survivor I’m back (finally) after a pause in pandemic-related activities. Masked singer (Now entering the sixth season and not giving the exact same rating as in the past) and Chicago MedOr maybe a new version Wonder Years ABC can pull some viewers apart, at least at the beginning of the season. 8 / 7c..

CSI: Crime Investigation Team versus Chicago PD

Chicago PD Jason Beghe CSI William Petersen

Lori Allen / NBC; Sonya Fleming / CBS

How do you like procedural dramas in Japan? 10 / 9c: Focused on forensics (CSI: Crime Investigation Team) Or with your feet on the ground (PD)? That will determine which series will win that night.Is One Chicago The franchise has had a stable performance at NBC since taking over Wednesday, CSI At least in the first few episodes (especially for the original cast members), people are very likely to tune live.


Station 19 versus Young Sheldon versus Law and order: for defense versus Walker

Dick Wolf’s franchise expands again, For defense Kick off everything Law and order At night 8 / 7cThe first stage of two battles with the Shondonland series.Will more people tune in to the new series or stick to the now established series? Station 19And how is it always popular Young Sheldon And of CW Walker Do you do it on the way

Grey’s Anatomy versus Law and order: SVU

Grey’s Anatomy And Law and order: SVU Face again 9 / 8cThe former became the winner of this season’s competition.so Station 19 And Glaze Will people stay in tune with ABC by crossing over more than ever?

Big sky versus Bull versus Law and order: organized crime

Kylie Bunbury Big Sky Michael Weatherly Bru Christopher Meloni Organized Crime

ABC / Darco Sikman; David M. Russell / CBS; Heidi Gutmann / NBC

Both Big sky And Bull It’s a moving night and will air on the other side of the second season. Christopher Meloni-Leading spin-off 10 / 9cA clear winner with these three is not easy.


Shark tank versus Swat versus blacklist

It will be especially interesting to see what happens SwatRatings move on Friday. 8 / 7c After that, we will move to Sunday on 10 / 9c. CBS usually works well on Friday nights (Private detective Magnum And Blue blood It remains in place). This is another show where no show expects to win a slot in a landslide.


Rookie versus SEAL Team / SWAT

Rookie Remains in it 10 / 9c On CBS, which broadcasts the first four episodes of Seal team The other side before moving to Paramount +.What does that mean — and SwatWhen it takes over the slot — Rating? (And don’t forget to take into account the delays associated with sports overruns on CBS, which influences the viewer’s decision about what to watch live. There is a possibility.) However, CBS can have an advantage in lead-in. Equalizer And NCIS: LA versus Celebrity Wheel of Fortune And Supermarket sweep..

Fall 2021 Time Slot Battle: Drama, Comedy, Contest Showdown | Entertainment News

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