Explanation of the legal aspects of the re-entry process | State

Harrisburg-Re-employment after working hours can be very difficult, but recent panels have some clarification on the complex legal process that re-entries must face.

State officials have provided an educational panel entitled “Re-entry Women: Amnesty, Erasure, and Clean Slate.” Panelists discussed each process and the potential impact they could have on re-entry.

Clementy usually falls into one of two categories: amnesty and commutation. Amnesty is the complete state forgiveness of a crime for which someone has been convicted, regardless of whether the sentence includes imprisonment. Applying for amnesty is free, does not require a lawyer, The application is available online..

“Criminal convictions can affect employment, housing and educational opportunities and even limit parents’ application for children’s activities,” said the Pennsylvania Amnesty Commission (BOP). Secretary Celeste Trusty said.

“Pardon is an important process in Pennsylvania, offering a second life-changing opportunity for legally affected community members. Applying for a federal amnesty is free and the application material is the Amnesty Commission. Easy access to the public on its website. Everyone deserves a second chance. Pennsylvania is proud to be a leader in amnesty reform under its current administration. “

PLSE provides a free legal representative to low-income residents of Philadelphia whose criminal records are blocking them. Helps to seek erasure in a criminal court. Help the governor seek amnesty.

PLSE created the entire state to support other regions Amnesty projectThis encourages leaders to create a localized community-based hub to educate people about the amnesty process. Currently, only Allegheny, Beaver, Burks, Erie, Rakkawana, Lancaster and Washington County have local amnesty projects.

Taylor Pacheco, Deputy Managing Director of Philadelphia Social Fairness Attorney (PLSE), said: ..

“When people are tied to a criminal record, the whole family suffers. Our commitment to reduce the side effects of the criminal record through the amnesty process can change the outcome of life for the entire generation, and the state. What we all can and must do together as a whole community. “

Erasure is the only way to permanently and completely erase criminal record information and must be completed through court.

Katie Svoboda-Kindle, Senior Staff Attorney at Philadelphia’s Community Legal Services (CLS), said:

“Clearing these records gives us access to employment, housing, and education, but 9 out of 10 people who are eligible to clear records cannot do that. Clean Slate is an automated process. Use technology to seal eligible records through to close this “second chance gap.” “

Under the Clean Slate Act, an individual may apply to the court to seal the record if the individual is sentenced to one year or more in prison and is not convicted for 10 years for a crime that has paid all the monetary debt ordered by the court. I can do it.

Crimes subject to clean slate include two and three misdemeanors and a misdemeanor of up to two years in prison. Summary of convictions; Fees that do not result in conviction. Unqualified crimes include crimes that are dangerous to humans. Crime against family; and crime of firearms.A complete list is available here..

Pennsylvania began implementing a clean slate system in 2019, affecting more than 1 million Pennsylvania residents and more than 40 million cases. Philadelphia’s community legal services help people navigate the clean slate process and prevent minor crimes from interfering with employment, housing, and other opportunities.

Another re-entry female panel discussion will be held on Wednesday, January 19th.

The previous panel discussion One Lens Facebook Page..

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Explanation of the legal aspects of the re-entry process | State

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