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Explainer: Was the policeman’s deadly taser shooting incident a manslaughter? | Nationwide

Minneapolis (AP) — White police officer in the suburbs of Minneapolis charged with manslaughter Dantelite’s death, Black said She intended to use a taser Trying to stop him from escaping during an attempt to arrest But accidentally grabbed her gun Instead.

The jury selection for Kim Potter’s trial begins on Tuesday.. When prosecutors began presenting their case next week, they were charged with one and two manslaughter when Potter, who left the Brooklyn Center police two days after the shooting, killed a 20-year-old black man. You will claim to have committed it. Traffic stopped on April 11. The fees and potential penalties are:


Under Minnesota law, manslaughter in this case means that the prosecutor commits a misdemeanor of “reckless handling or use of firearms” by the prosecutor, endangering the safety of others with such power and violence. In the meantime, it means claiming to have caused Wright’s death. Physical harm to everyone was reasonably foreseeable. “

Two manslaughter charges, she said, “her negligence poses an unreasonable risk to Kimberly Potter and can cause conscious death or serious physical harm while using or possessing a firearm. There was sex. “

Neither accusation requires prosecutors to prove that Potter tried to kill Wright.

Attorney General’s Office Added manslaughter After it took over the case, it fell short of the murder charges Wright’s family and activists had hoped for.


According to the complaint, Potter’s trained police officer, Anthony Lucky, told Wright that they had stopped him. Fragrance hanging from the rearview mirror of his car This is because the license plate tab has expired. However, Lucky performed a check and found that Wright had an unresolved arrest warrant for the weapon breach, so police officers returned to Wright’s car and arrested him.

Wright obeyed Lucky’s outbound orders, but when Lucky handcuffed him, Wright pulled away and returned. When Lucky grabbed the light, Potter said, “I make fun of you.” Potter’s body camera video shows a pistol in his right hand pointing at the light. Potter repeated “I make fun of you” and said “taser, taser, taser” two seconds later. A second later, she fired a bullet at Wright’s chest.

“(Abuse)! I grabbed the wrong (abuse) gun,” Potter said. “I’m going to jail.”

Potential penalty

The maximum duration of manslaughter is 15 years. The second time is 10 years. However, Minnesota judges usually follow lesser sentencing guidelines. The first is over 7 years and the second is over 4 years.

However The prosecution said he would seek a longer sentence Because of the aggravating factors that they were former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin A murder trial that killed George Floyd.

Probably the longest sentence that could stick to the complaint It is twice the upper limit of the guideline range. However, it exceeds the statutory maximum of 15 years for manslaughter, so if convicted, Potter’s limit is 15 years. The realistic maximum for less rates is nine and a half years.

Minnesota criminals typically spend two-thirds of their time in prison and one-third of their release under surveillance, assuming good deeds.

Recent case law

NS The judge in Chauvin’s case sentenced him to 22 and a half years in prison. For a second unintended murder. The estimated sentence was 12 and a half years. However, Judge Peter Carhill found that Chauvin abused his authority and treated Floyd in a special atrocities, and witnessed some children living the crime. We have discovered several exacerbating factors, including. He also said Chauvin knew it was dangerous to kneel on Floyd’s neck.

Recently, Judge Kathryn Quintans resented former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Nuhr He was sentenced to 4 years and 9 months in prison for manslaughter by shooting Justin Dammond Rushchik, who was within the upper bounds of the guidelines. She said she did so because Noor shot his partner “across the nose” and endangered others. She couldn’t rule him any further because the prosecutor didn’t demand an “upward departure” from the sentencing guidelines.

An acquaintance initially sentenced Noor to a 12-and-a-half-year sentence for a third-class murder, which was required by the guidelines, but the Supreme Court of Minnesota later clarified the definition of a third-class murder and was guilty of manslaughter. He sent back the case as he was indignant only at. ..


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Explainer: Was the policeman’s deadly taser shooting incident a manslaughter? | Nationwide

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