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Experts Require Strict Audits to Protect California Recalls | Nationwide

A group of election security experts on Thursday found a copy of the system used to hold elections nationwide. release publicly.

Their letter, sent to the Secretary of State, urges the state to conduct a type of post-election audit that helps detect malicious interference attempts.

A state-wide recall for Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom scheduled for September 14 is an event hosted by former President Donald’s ally My Pillow CEO Mike Lindel last month with a copy of the election administration system of the Dominion voting system. This is the first election since it was distributed in. Trump made an unfounded claim to last year’s elections. Election offices in 30 states, including 40 counties in California, use the Dominion system.

According to election security experts, violations from Colorado and Michigan counties risk elections because the system is used for many administrative functions, from ballot design and voting machine configuration to result aggregation. Is said to increase. In the letter, experts said there was no evidence that they had plans to attempt to hack the system used in California and did not blame Dominion.

“But it’s important to recognize that the release of Dominion software increases the risk to California’s election security and requires urgent action,” the expert wrote in a letter. Associated Press.

The eight experts who sign the letter include computer scientists, election technology experts, and cybersecurity researchers.

Secretary of State Shirley Weber spokeswoman Jenna Dresdner said 40 counties in California using Dominion have different versions of election management systems that meet a variety of state-specific requirements. rice field. She outlined a number of security measures in place to protect the voting system throughout the state. This includes regular testing of vulnerabilities, tight control of authorized users, physical security rules, and pre-election testing to ensure that no part of the system has changed. It will be.

“California has the most rigorous and comprehensive voting system testing, use, and requirements in the country and is designed to withstand potential threats,” Dresdner said in a statement to AP. ..

Security experts want California counties to use Dominion’s election management system to perform what is called a “risk limit audit.” It basically uses a statistical approach to ensure that the reported results match the actual number of votes cast. Paper ballots are also used in California, so you can easily see the results.

The letter stated that the difference between the leaked Dominion software image and the version used in California was relatively small. Thousands of people now have access to the foundations of Dominion’s election management system, including those who have access to voting devices, experts say.

“This increases the risk of undetected result-changing cyberattacks in California counties using Dominion equipment, and charges of fraud and election manipulation that cannot be disproved without rigorous post-election audits. It increases the risk, “the letter said.

The majority of voters are expected to throw a ballot during the recall and return it through the United States Postal Service or in a dropbox within the county.

California law requires counties to manually count ballots from a random sample of 1% of constituencies after elections. The state has conducted a pilot program with audits to limit risk, but Dresdner said state law does not currently allow scallops. It’s not clear if we can change that within two weeks before the election.

Among the people who signed the letter was Halli Frusti, a voting technology expert who attended the Lindel event in South Dakota. Hearsty said he had received three copies of the Dominion election management system. One is an image of the system used in Antrim County, Michigan, and the other two are from Mesa County, Colorado. In a declaration of oath filed in federal court in Georgia, Mr. Hearsty said the copy was later available for download online.

He said the release provides a “practical environment” for hackers to look for system vulnerabilities and a roadmap to circumvent defenses. Since the system is not connected to the internet, hackers only need physical access to the system.

Philip B. Stark, a professor of statistics at the University of California, Berkeley, who also signed this letter, said the bank robber had a blueprint for the vault and attacked with an exact copy of the vault. I likened it to the difference.

“That’s this,” he said. “They basically have an exact copy of what they are trying to break into.”

According to experts, attacks can cause technical problems, machine malfunctions, ballot design manipulations, and even result targeting.

A Dominion representative said the company was aware of reports of unauthorized releases of system images and reported them to authorities. According to the company, federal cybersecurity officials do not believe the breach would significantly increase the risk of elections.

But Stark said the breach was particularly serious, as the number of people currently having access to the information is so large. The information may have already fallen into the hands of Russians and other enemies, but he said it was quite expensive and time-consuming to obtain. That’s not the case now.

“What we’ve done at some level is democratized access to the information needed to launch cyberattacks on Dominion systems,” Stark said.

To exacerbate this threat, according to Stark, is the discovery that voting technology expert J. Alex Halderman has sufficient physical access to even voters to port malware. ..

“Therefore, if anyone can do the technical work of devising a cyberattack, it could actually be deployed by voters, insiders, vendors, anyone,” he said. “The number of people in a position to harm our elections has really doubled by a very large factor.”

Halderman, director of the University of Michigan’s Computer Security and Social Center, observed these after examining the Dominion voting device, which has been used as an expert witness in long-term litigation in Georgia to challenge the use of these machines. The we.

The release of the system image is a Republican investigating a voting device that began shortly after the November elections, as Trump disputed the results and blamed his losses on widespread fraud, despite the lack of evidence. It follows the efforts of.


Cassidy and Bramback were reported by Atlanta.

Experts Require Strict Audits to Protect California Recalls | Nationwide

Source link Experts Require Strict Audits to Protect California Recalls | Nationwide

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