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Experts: Colorado Supermarket Shooting Suspects Are Not Competent | Nationwide

Denver (AP) —State experts conclude that a man charged with killing 10 people in a Colorado supermarket is incapable of withstanding a trial, but according to court filings released Monday. The judge demanded that the prosecutor reassess his mental health. ..

The initial assessment report was not released, but the prosecutor’s submission stated that experts were Ahmad Alyssa, 22, with an unspecified mental health condition that “limited her ability to speak meaningfully with others.” ), He said Alyssa had “a passive approach to his defense” and “a potential excessive reliance on his lawyer,” according to an excerpt from the report contained below. I gave a “superficial answer” to the question about the virtual legal situation shown. Prosecution motion for second evaluation last week.

Competencies include both the defendant’s understanding of the legal process and his ability to work with a lawyer to defend him. This is a separate legal issue from acquittal because of the madness that depends on whether someone’s mental health prevented them from knowing good and evil when the crime was committed. Court hearings are mostly withheld if the judge determines that the defendant is incompetent, but can be resumed if the condition improves, including treatment.

Prosecutors said the evaluator found that Alyssa understood the legal process, but his lawyer disputed it. The defense also quoted the filing evaluation report, stating that Alyssa was not likely to be sentenced to death, but was sticking to it. Colorado ended the use of the death penalty last year. He also believed that the judge, not the jury, would determine his fate, the defense said.

Judge Ingrid Bakke ordered a state mental health assessment after Alyssa’s lawyer questioned his abilities based on an assessment by their own experts.

Alyssa faces multiple counts in a March shooting at Boulder’s crowded King Supers supermarket. Ten people, including police officers, were killed before police shot and injured the shooter and escorted him from the scene.

Investigators have not revealed possible motivations for the attack.

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Experts: Colorado Supermarket Shooting Suspects Are Not Competent | Nationwide

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