Exeter Township: Supervisor Resigns

The Exeter Township supervisor accepted the sudden resignation of Vice Chairman David G. Spieth Jr. at a budget workshop meeting Thursday night.

No reason for the resignation was given, Speece was not present at the meeting, and the timing of the resignation was unknown.

Speece’s term as supervisor did not end until 2024.

In public comments, supervisor-elect David Hughes called on the board to dismiss or seek the resignation of Chairman Gregory Gartale.

“You should remove him from the chair at this meeting. He polluted the town …. You must take him away just before doing the township budget business,” Hughes said.

Gartale thanked him for his comment.

Hughes said he hopes the town will send a balanced budget by January, without using sewerage revenue.

Officials said during a budget meeting that they wanted to spend $ 194,000 on “money found” from wastewater treatment accounts.

After the head of the department discussed budgets and needs, Hughes spoke again during the second public comment and asked the board for access to township records.

“Give me access to the township now so I’m ready. I want to dive in January and go for a run,” he said. “So when David Speece was elected, he signed a disclosure statement because he was allowed to join the company and start meeting everyone who works there and start understanding what’s going on. , I’m looking for supervisory privileges. I’ll do it in the next 6 years. “

Hughes defeated Gartale in recent elections and has been a critic of the voices of most township departments and staff for many years.

On November 8th, the supervisor will ask the finance officer questions about the budget, and on November 22nd the budget will be in draft format.

Exeter Township: Supervisor Resigns

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