Except for all changes, Oscar will return to normal

A readjusted approach that wasn’t very popular with some academy members should help with the logistics of some complex red carpets. The academy wants to give each winner an uncompromising moment and encourages attendees to be seated by 7 pm. Some stars, such as Jessica Chastain, the “Eyes of Tammy Fay” nominee, mean that the artist of “Tami Fay” misses the presentation of the best hair and makeup awards nominated.

This is one of eight pre-show categories distributed while producers call it “Golden Hour.” Others include film editing, sound, original scores, production design, live action shorts, animated shorts, and documentary shorts.

Earlier this month, more than 70 Oscar winners, including James Cameron, Kathleen Kennedy and Guillermo del Toro, warned that the change would make some candidates “second-class citizens.”

Behind the change is a vigilance against Oscar’s plunge rating. Drops are common to all major network award shows, but last year’s show attracted only about 10 million viewers. This is less than half of the 23.6 million people in the previous year. Ten years ago, it was close to 40 million.

Some have argued that blockbusters like “Spider-Man: No Way Home” should be nominated for Best Work for this year’s award in order to regain Oscar’s status. It’s just for visual effects.

Instead, from the up-and-coming Netflix apocalyptic comedy Don’t Look Up. The acclaimed 3-hour Japanese drama “Drive My Car”.

One of the producers’ promises is that the final prize for the night will be the best work. Last year’s show ended awkwardly with the unexpected presentation of the Best Actor Award to the non-existent Anthony Hopkins.

Except for all changes, Oscar will return to normal

Source link Except for all changes, Oscar will return to normal

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