Erie Fire Department Proposes Ordinance on Excessive False Alarm

The ordinance proposed in the city of Erie is working to fine property and business owners for excessive false alarms answered by the Erie Fire Department. First, the ordinance must be approved by the Erie City Council.

Erie Fire Crews comes out and answers calls several times a day, but this ordinance uses fire department resources as some phones may be obsolete due to false alarms being reported. Helps save and, most importantly, save lives.

Responding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week involves challenges such as being bound by multiple false alarms. So far, the Erie Fire Department has responded to 277 false alarms since January.

To reduce false alarms, the Erie Fire Department has proposed an ordinance that imposes fines on business owners and residents for excessive false alarms. This new ordinance will help fire departments save resources and, of course, save more lives.

Ellie Fire Inspector Darren Hart says that if the ordinance is passed by the Ellie City Council, this will give firefighters a better opportunity to tackle other necessary emergencies.

“Not only do we have to respond to false alarms, but we also have to stay there to determine the cause of this false alarm,” Hart said.

According to Hart, the false alarm issue would require the crew to stay in place until the investigation was completed, which would delay the arrival of other emergencies. The agency’s firefighting equipment resources are limited, so it is important to protect them in life-threatening situations, he says.

The proposed ordinance requires a fine of up to $ 300 after the third false alarm.

“Because we are a quick response service, medically speaking, the majority of calls at the fire department are medical calls, and we need to help people rather than respond unnecessarily to false alarms. “.” Said Chief Joe Warco.

The ordinance applies not only to business owners but also to those who live in apartments. The landlord will be held liable for the fine.

Erie Fire Department Proposes Ordinance on Excessive False Alarm

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