Erick Green wanted to end his career at Ravens. His son Elijah may start with the Orioles. – Reading Eagle

Former Ravens tight end Eric Green would have retired in Baltimore if he had given way. He may have a reason to return to the city on a regular basis soon.

His son, Elijah Green, is one of the top prospects available in the Major League Baseball draft this weekend, with the Orioles passing the first round of selection. Elijah, an outfielder at Florida’s IMG Academy, is believed to be one of the few players Baltimore is considering for the second time in four years.

“I dreamed of this, and he dreamed of this, and he worked hard for this,” Erick Green said. “I always told him, if you work hard enough, things are coming your way and things are coming his way.”

Elder Green finished his career in a season at the New York Jets after playing for Baltimore from 1996 to 1998. But he wanted to end his career as Raven.

“They actually had to kick me out of Baltimore,” Eric said. “I didn’t want to leave Baltimore for New York. I tell you, I was calling [then-general manager Ozzie Newsome] Until 11 hours he was saying they couldn’t do it. And that’s when I signed Jets. But if it was up to me, I would have retired in Baltimore. Because I love the city, the people, and the soccer team. “

If a baseball team chooses Elijah, who is ranked among the top five prospects in the draft class in both Baseball America and the MLB pipeline, it will certainly be on the list. He is made like a 6’3 and about 220 pound football player. This frame, when combined with his skill set, convinces some evaluators that it is better than any player in this draft class. Despite his size, he runs very well and has enough arms to play corner outfield spots if he is off center.His most striking tool is his raw power and he showed it for Team USA under the age of 18. Last summer, the group hit .957 long and played four home rings in seven games. Three of them played at the Orioles Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Florida.

Green’s home runs and slugging percentage led a team featuring the outlook of another high school believed to be considered by the Orioles in the number one pick. Green joins Georgia High School outfielder Drew Jones, Oklahoma High School shortstop Jackson Holliday, Georgia High School second baseman Termer Johnson, and Karpol shortstop Brooks Lee, and considers them a five-person target group in Baltimore. Has been done.

Jones and Holiday are the sons of former MLB All-Stars Andrew Jones and Matt Holliday, but Green is in a good position to be the eldest son of the NFL’s first round pick going to the first round of the MLB draft.

“In fact, it feels kind of surreal,” Elijah said. “It’s always one of my dreams and it doesn’t feel real at this point.”

As a senior at the IMG Academy, he hit .462 at 1.592 OPS. Elijah hit more than twice as often as the junior and then finished at that rate this spring as well. Helps minimize concerns about swing and mistakes chasing him into the campaign.

For his father, Elijah has always done his best when trying to calm those who doubt him.

“He only heard’he swings and misses, swings and misses’ for the spring season,” Eric said. “Dad, I was confused just because I led Team USA in home runs, total base, slugging percentage, everything, but I’m just swinging and missing,” he says. Also, “Well, I’ll show them” and that’s when he went out and hit .462 and did what he did, and I can respect it. That is Elijah.

“That’s what I’m most proud of. When people tell him they can’t do anything, oh my god, he goes through hell and the earth and he does it Show them what they can do. “

It was formed from the idea of ​​his father. Before Elijah headed to IMG, Eric was primarily in charge of his training. It was goal-oriented, focused on the importance of discipline, and Eric knew directly what it took to be a professional athlete. Drafted 21st overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1990, he spent five seasons in Miami before joining the Ravens.

“I absolutely loved it,” Eric said. “I probably had more success in Pittsburgh as an individual, but as a soccer player, I think three years was better than five years in Pittsburgh. Who am I? Thanks to what I brought to the team and what I did off-field in the community. I love Baltimore. “

His closeness to seafood has led him to visit Jimmy’s famous seafood frequently. He always goes there when he returns to the area. If Elijah and the Orioles gave him an excuse to travel, he would love it.

I hope Elijah will have the opportunity.

“That would mean everything to me,” Elijah said. “Knowing that the efforts of the last few years have finally paid off, the Orioles recognize it, seize the opportunity, and when they come there, they work hard and bring the World Series to the ball club. “

Eric saw the hard work up close. He coached Elijah in football, their team won four AAU national titles in six years, and Elijah played quarterbacks and middle linebackers. But at the beginning of his teen, he went to his father and said he wanted to concentrate on baseball.

“At that point I liked baseball more,” Elijah said. “Soccer has always been my first love, but the kind of love has just run out.”

“The only thing I can do at that point is to respect it,” Eric said. “It was great for me to know how much time I spent with him in football as a kid and to say he loves baseball more. Then we in football I started to put that energy I had into baseball.

“I had to tell him what he was doing [may not] Other children of his age may participate, do part of the discipline of his life and all its aspects. I’m just trying to teach him how to make his dreams come true. “

As Eric said, “Sweat Equity” will be rewarded Sunday when Elijah hears his name called in the first round of the MLB draft. Whenever that day came out in a conversation between his father and son, Eric became emotional. Elijah expects this to happen this weekend as well.

“He played a big role. He just knows what it takes to reach the next level in any sport,” Elijah said. “He implemented it in my game and told me to always work hard. He doesn’t know who is watching.

“He always wanted the best for me.”

MLB Draft Day 1

Los Angeles

Sunday, 7 pm

tv set: ESPN


Erick Green wanted to end his career at Ravens. His son Elijah may start with the Orioles. – Reading Eagle

Source link Erick Green wanted to end his career at Ravens. His son Elijah may start with the Orioles. – Reading Eagle

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