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Epicenter of Abortion Debate: Mississippi Clinic Remains Open | Nationwide

Jackson, Mississippi (AP) — The state’s only abortion clinic is more busy than ever, as the US Supreme Court is hearing a Mississippi proceeding that could overthrow the right to abortion nationwide. To end their pregnancy.

In recent years, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization has seen patients a couple of days a week. Time has been taken to treat women in Texas, who recently banned most abortions in about six weeks after the law came into force in early September, and in Louisiana, where clinics are full of patients in Texas. I doubled it.

NS The case being discussed Prior to the National High Court on Wednesday, there is a 2018 Mississippi State Act banning most abortions after 15 weeks of gestation. However, in 1973, the state’s Republican Justice Secretary used the case to declare the national right to abortion in a court rebuilt by three conservative judges appointed by former President Donald Trump. The risk is high as it seeks to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision. ..

The Supreme Court never allows an abortion to be banned before the state becomes viable, at about 24 weeks when the foetation can survive outside the womb.

“I hope the Supreme Court has a precedent for what they should do, but my hopes aren’t that high,” Mississippi Clinic Director Shannon Brewer told Washington on Tuesday. ..

Brewer said he has never been more worried about the right to abortion in the United States.

She has a good reason. The Guttmacher Institute, a research organization that supports the right to abortion, will say if the Roe v. Wade case is overturned or fundamentally weakened. 21 states Have a law or constitutional amendment that “ensures to try to ban abortion as soon as possible”.

Mississippi is one of the abortion-banned states set before Roe and will take effect if its precedent is overturned.Republican Governor Tate Reeves on Sunday “Pray together for life” An event hosted by the Family Research Council.

“Abortion is barbaric,” Reeves declared. “Abortion is evil. It is probably the greatest evil of our time.”

Reeves said he presided over the Senate Mississippi in 2018 and helped submit a bill to Gob’s desk at the time with a 15-week abortion ban. Republican Phil Bryant.

Like Bryant, Reeves often says he wants Mississippi to be the safest place in America for his fetal.Still, for Mississippi Highest infant mortality rate And one of the highest rates Birth of a teenage motherAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Valencia Robinson is Executive Director Mississippi ActivitiesAn organization that supports the right to abortion and works on other sexual health issues. She said restricting access to abortion would disproportionately hurt black women who are likely to live in poverty.

The Supreme Court’s decision is probably months ahead. The clinic will continue to operate as both abortion rights and anti-abortion activists are anxiously waiting to see how the judges will rule. However, given the growing security concerns during court hearings, Brewer said he would not allow the Associated Press or other media outlets later this week. In the past, she allowed APs inside the building. The building has a small waiting room with magazines and a free condom, and a meeting room where a group of women receive state-mandated counseling at least 24 hours before the abortion.

Women or girls in the first few weeks of pregnancy receive medication to induce an abortion. More advanced people will have an abortion in one of the clinic’s operating rooms. It’s been many years since Mississippi doctors were willing to have an abortion, so out-of-state doctors are working in the clinic.

Known to its proponents as the Pink House, the clinic is located in Jackson’s eclectic Fondren district, just a short drive from the Mississippi Capitol. Many days, the clinic is surrounded by the dissonance of noise from protesters wielding loudspeakers outside the black iron fence and the clinic’s escorts playing rock music around.

The same goes for Tuesday’s scene, when Keith Dalton, a pastor of a non-denominational Christian church, speaks to a man who drives a woman there, to a man sitting in a car in a fenced parking lot. I told him to adopt. Baby.

“Come on, man … don’t let your child kill you,” Dalton exclaimed. He continued, pointing to the clinic that the male and female spouse was going to. This destroys relationships with your girlfriend, fiancé, wife, etc. “

Former President of Pro-Life Mississippi, Tanya Britton, stood up and shouted. God loves you and doesn’t want this for you or your baby. “

Retired nurse Sharon Robert wears a rainbow-striped clinic escort vest while taking a woman from the parking lot to the building. She learned to eliminate protesters and stated that her goal was to ensure that women were treated with dignity.

“My strategy is to pay attention only when I think I can distract certain women from their harassment,” Robert said.

The Mississippi Health Department website has abortion statistics dating back to 1980. The largest number of abortions in the year since then was 7,574 in 1991. The minimum was 4,272 in 2015. Whites received the most abortions until the mid-1990s. They were overtaken by blacks.

About 59% of Mississippi residents are white and about 38% are black. Over the last five years, about 75% of people who have had an abortion in Mississippi have been black and about 21% have been white. The remaining races were listed as “Other” or “Unknown”.

“The right to decide whether and when to give birth is essential to social, economic, racial equality, reproductive autonomy, and the right to determine our own future,” Robinson said. I did. “Mississippian culture knows what is best for them and their families.”


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Epicenter of Abortion Debate: Mississippi Clinic Remains Open | Nationwide

Source link Epicenter of Abortion Debate: Mississippi Clinic Remains Open | Nationwide

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