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This week’s Emmy nominations were only a few for everyone, and it’s great. But, like all award show nominations, not all beloved series and performances have been cut.

For example, where was your love for NBC’s final season, “This Is Us”? The show made a name for itself just a few years ago for its rustic storytelling and incredible performance. At one point, the series, which was nominated for 40 Emmy Awards in the previous season, was welcomed by reviving the expression of television broadcasts at a cable / streaming-rich award show. But when the series died, Emmy voters eventually decided to rest the series on life and death in peace, with only one outstanding original music and lyric nomination. I made it.

Previously, he received three Emmy Awards. Two are outstanding guest actors in the drama (Gerald McRaney in 2017 and Lonsey Fas Jones in 2020), and one is the leading actor in the drama (Sterling K. Brown). He was also awarded the honor of one television academy.

On the other hand, “unsafe” would have been welcomed as an addition to the excellent comedy lineup. Issa Rae was personally nominated for her protagonist, and the show was about that character, but the sum of that part made it great. The legacy and words that “unsafe” gave viewers were worth recognizing.

“Pachinko” was another sad omission. This massive story highlights a never-told story that more people need to see.

It’s also not unreasonable to admit all the lead performances of “Murder’s in the Building” and hope for power that did not exclude Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez held two male comedy legends of her own opposition.

The field of television is full of talent when the performances of stars such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Gillian Anderson, Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain and Julia Roberts are left on the table.

So we could continue forever. But like the four-hour Emmy Awards ceremony, no one wants it.

Emmy nominations that some wanted | Entertainment

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