Emmaus’ Luke Deschenes and Liberty’s Noah Gyauch-Quirk are The Morning Call’s all-area pitchers of the year – The Morning Call

Pitchers Luke Dechenes and Noah Gauf Quike had very different seasons in 2021.

As a junior of Emmaus, Deschenes appeared as a staff ace and pitched some important games of the Green Hornets on his way to the Eastern Pennsylvania Tournament, the 11th District Championship, and the second round of the PIAA tournament.

As a Liberty freshman, Gyauch-Quirk never pitched to the hurricane national team and didn’t really impress the coaching staff until the fall.

The biggest noise Gyauch-Quirk made was the batter, who won the Allentown Major League Baseball Junior Homelanderby and qualified for the World Series National Tournament.

Despite varying levels of expectations into the 2022 season, Deschenes and Gyauch-Quirk worked hard for the months leading up to spring to prepare.

Both have achieved great results.

Deschenes is a key figure leading Emmaus to the crown of the second Pennsylvania Eastern Tournament, and Gyauch-Quirk is one of the achievements so far for sophomore pitchers by leading the hurricane to the title of District 11 6A. Opened up one of the greatest seasons in Pennsylvania and added two more wins. At the PIAA tournament.

The knowledgeable seniors and sophomores who led the team to the championship on the mound are this year’s co-pitchers of the 2022 baseball season wake-up call.

Dechenes to Seaton Hill posted a record of 1.15 ERA in 73⅓ innings and 12-1 in 98 strikeouts. His opponent hit him only .195.

Gyauch-Quirk went to 8-1 with 0.28 ERA and saved 3 times. He made 44 ⅓ innings until he gave up his earned run, ending with 72 strikeouts and only 11 walks and 26 hits allowed in the 50 ⅓ innings.

Deschenes and Gyauch-Quirk were also excellent batters. Dechenes hit .288 with nine long hits, including four home runs and 15 RBIs. Gyauch-Quirk hit .392 with 16 RBIs.

Let’s take a look at two special players.

Emmaus head coach Jeremy Haas remembered Dechenes as a freshman in 2019.

“He wasn’t overly strong or overbuilt,” Haas said. “He also had a clean mechanic, probably two inches shorter than he is now, but nothing stood out. He had good rhythms, but more importantly. In addition, he had a “want” and love for the game that every coach wanted to see. However, as a freshman, he only got a few innings on the JV team. “

However, from there, Dechenes blossomed.

“He took it on himself to change his body,” Haas said. “He started lifting a lot and got a ton stronger. He was a few inches taller and took his body where he needed it. He speeded up and was the best I’ve ever seen. Became one of the high school pitchers. To me. It’s an amazing story of patience, work ethic, and motivation. “

Haas still has the 2019 chart and said the Dechenes fastball culminated at 70 mph during his freshman tryout. Now he has improved to throwing in the mid-1980s, sometimes even more consistently.

“His four years of growth have been remarkable,” Haas said. “And not just physically. Mentally, I turned from a guy who just wanted to pitch to an adjustable pitcher. In a way, he sees what most other high school pitchers don’t see. So he is his own pitching coach and is an extension of what we are trying to do as a staff member. “

As an example of adjustability, Haas said Dechenes had a hard time finishing the match earlier this season and was primarily a fastball / slider pitcher.

In a memorable May 1st match against Parkland at Coca-Cola Park, Dechenes reached the limits of the pitch.

“He told me I needed to come up with something to be left-handed with a soft touch so that I could finish the game with fewer pitches,” Haas said. “So, in the next two weeks, he developed a cutter and a sinker. He could go to those two pitches almost exclusively and get two complete game wins for us in the playoffs. It was worth noting what he did for all of us in the mid-season adjustments. “

Dechenes defeated Nazareth 3-1 in the district semi-finals, hitting seven hits and defeating district champion Owen J. Roberts 1-0 in the first round of the state tournament.

Haas predicts right-handed success in college.

“He is willing to work hard and has a very good understanding of how to market the game,” Haas said. “He knows what he needs to do to get his body in shape. He understands himself. He just got it.”

Dechenes felt that he had proved his position as a junior in 2021, and this spring he took it a step further.

“Last year I showed what I could do. This year was about what I could do for others,” he said. “I gave back to the young people on my team and tried to be more role models. I wanted to be a good leader. And hard work brings you results. I wanted to show everyone that there are many. “

He wants others to work hard to make himself in good shape.

“I recommend young people to be well-shaped, big and strong … eat well,” he said. “Make sure you’re ready to be better than anyone else. I think we all spent the hard work needed to get what we wanted from our season. Sour taste. I will never look back on 2022. “

Liberty coach Andy Pisilos noticed Gyauch-Quirk during his fall training.

“He came out of nowhere,” said Pichiros. “It looked great. Not only did he throw well, he was hitting spots on three different pitches. Then he continued to play basketball, and after he returned to us he probably He was earning 3 mph on his fastball. “

However, despite the signs of significant improvement, no one could have predicted the season Gyauch-Quirk put together. He had various impressive stats, one that stood out in Pitsilos.

“He was close to us and what was very impressive was that there were eight inherited runners as reliefs and no one scored,” said Pitsilos. “That’s great statistics.”

Gyauch-Quirk may have surprised many opponents this season, but expectations will be a few notches higher next year. Pitosiros said he hopes his soft tone and hard-to-throw right-handed people will be able to handle brighter spotlights.

“We always talk about simplifying everything,” said Pitsilos. “Just make the next pitch. Who cares when the ball reaches 400 feet? Just make the next pitch. All you can do is control your attitude and what you do next. It’s difficult for a young child to simplify it. But Noah is a very cerebral child, and he can classify what happened now and move on to what needs to be done next. We try to calm everyone, and he can do it well. “

Pitsilos recognizes catcher Reese D’Amico for his successful collaboration with all Liberty pitchers, especially Gyauch-Quirk.

“Reese is the first catcher in 20 years for me to call the pitch as a coach,” said Pitosiros. “Reese was good at it and wanted to do it. If the team’s ERA is 1.47 in the 29 game season, it’s often related to the catcher giving the pitcher a good pitch. He played a big role. , Did a good job of calming our pitcher. “

Gyauch-Quirk didn’t flinch in the spotlight of the postseason. Used as a relief throughout the season, he started for the first time in the first round of the state playoffs with Mannheim Township. He distanced himself with a riveted 1-0 victory, featuring a number of calm escapes at the age of 15 under pressure.

He then defeated Hazleton 4-2 in the state’s semi-finals, giving up his first two earned runs of the season and silenced the Division I’s talented lineup.

“It was a year of great growth that I tried to adapt to the level of diversity,” he said. “I’m grateful that I had a lot of pitching opportunities and I had the opportunity to get in and hit.”

Asked about the secrets to dealing with pressure, he said: I really get it from my mother. She is the one who taught me and helped me adapt to this new type of baseball. “

Gyauch-Quirk throws harder than anyone else in local academic baseball, regularly reaching highs in the 80’s with radar guns and even touching lows in the 90’s. He already has a plan for 2023.

“I’m working on curve balls and change-ups during the summer,” he said. “Loss of that last match in the state finals will give us a lot of motivation for next year. We got to where we wanted to go, but it didn’t go as planned. Also, leadership skills. I want to improve. I understand where I can be in this team and I want to guide them in the management of another state. “

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Emmaus’ Luke Deschenes and Liberty’s Noah Gyauch-Quirk are The Morning Call’s all-area pitchers of the year – The Morning Call

Source link Emmaus’ Luke Deschenes and Liberty’s Noah Gyauch-Quirk are The Morning Call’s all-area pitchers of the year – The Morning Call

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