Elijah Wood Feels The “Protection” Of Children’s Stars | Celebrities

Elijah Wood feels “protective” to the children’s stars.

The 40-year-old star has made a name for himself as a child actor in many high-budget films. Elijah has revealed that she wants to be aware of the child actors she is currently working with.

He explained: “If someone feels like they’re not together, or perhaps in their childhood, I’ll feel a sense of protection from one person to another.”

Elijah was previously talking about sexual abuse in Hollywood. He has never been abused himself, but I am confident that the film industry has changed for the better when it comes to protecting child actors.

He told The Independent: “I think there is more awareness about children and welfare. I think there are many opposite examples, but thankfully I haven’t come across it. Certainly not as an adult. I do it. If you see it, please take me out. “

Elijah, meanwhile, previously admitted to participating in treatment in the past and added that he “advocates it” to everyone.

Hollywood star also admitted that he was “lost” [his] “Childhood” after gaining fame at such a young age.

He states: “I strongly support it. I’m not admitting that something is wrong, but admitting that it’s vulnerable.

“All of this bubbling when I was 29. I broke up with my girlfriend for just five years. [Pamela Racine].. Someone suggested a cure and I thought, “I really think this is needed.”

“I was an adult from an early age, so I had to take a lot of family responsibilities. Some might say I lost my childhood. I missed a certain thing, but that’s it. Shaped me. My age, I had them. “

Elijah Wood Feels The “Protection” Of Children’s Stars | Celebrities

Source link Elijah Wood Feels The “Protection” Of Children’s Stars | Celebrities

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