Eleventh heaven? A fever with a memorable mixed history in the last 10 games 7.Also, Herro, Draymond’s Spoelstra – Reading Eagle

Yes, the Miami Heat was here before.

To be exact, 10 times.

The Eastern Conference final against the Boston Celtics at the FTX Arena at 8:30 pm on Sunday will be the 11th round of the franchise’s 34 seasons.

But for many on the roster, it’s also something new and probably needs wise advice.

“I’m blocking noise as much as possible, and veteran power forward PJ recommended,” Get ready to play regular games as before. “

Look at the last 10 times the heat was in this place.

1997 East Semifinals: Heat 101, Knicks 90. Tim Hardaway scored 38 points in his first career, Game 7, as Allan Houston and Chris Childs of Knicks were suspended from close quarters in Game 5 of the team. Victory completes the return from the 3-1 series deficit.

2000 East Semifinals: Knicks 83, Heat 82. Patrick Ewing wins the winning basket with 1:30 left, and Jamal Mashburn of Heat bypasses the chance to score and passes to Clarence Weatherspoon. Clarence Weatherspoon’s mistake seals the defeat of the heat.

First round of 2004: Heat 85, Hornets 77. Current heat assistant coach Caron Butler leads 23 points as the heat advances during Dwyane Wade’s rookie season.

2005 Eastern Finals: Pistons 88, Heat 82. The heat is less than one match for his first appearance in the NBA Finals, as Wade is restricted by rib injuries.

First round of 2009: Hawks 91, Heat 78. Erik Spoelstra is slightly lacking in his first playoff series as a coach, as Jermaine O’Neill suffered a migraine.

2012 Eastern Finals: Heat 101, Celtics 88. Similar to this match against Boston, Heat followed up on Revlon’s James’ 45-point Game 5 and made his first big three-trip at the NBA Finals.

2013 Eastern Finals: Heat 99, Pacers 76. The heat is gone again-Pacers coach Frank Vogel shook his head and James finished at 32.

2013 NBA Finals: Heat 95, Spurs 88. In the game after Ray Allen’s miraculous three-pointer kept the heat alive, the franchise’s third title concludes with a rare anti-climax game 7.

First round of 2016: Heat 106, Hornets 73. Goran Dragic leads 25 points and Charlotte’s Purple Shirt Guy no longer provokes Wade.

2016 East Semifinals: Raptors 116, Heat 89. Wade scored a win in the playoffs against the LeBron James Cavaliers, with current heatguard Kyle Lowry leading the Raptors by 35 points.

Retention pattern

Spoelstra continued to expect a sixth Tyler Herro to return in Game 7 on Saturday and Sunday.

“Wait a minute,” Spoelstra said during a heat-bypass practice on Saturday’s travel day.

“I’ll meet him in the morning. See how he’s made and probably go through the same process before the match,” Spoelstra said.

Draymond Angle

Spoelstra has already declared the Celtics as an opponent for the Golden State NBA Finals even before the end of the East Finals, as Heat players angered Warriors forward Draymond Green. He said there was no problem.

“Each person can find different forms of motivation. We have big and bold goals,” he said. “That’s enough motivation, but if other things motivate people, I’m fine with that.”

Quoted error

The NBA on Saturday quoted six official errors in the last two minutes of the victory of the 111-103 Heat Game 6 on Friday night in Boston.

— Two uncalled 3 second violations at Bam Adebayo in the Heat Center (one on the defender and one on the attacker).

— The Celtics’ two fouls protect Derrick White, who shouldn’t have been called.

— The Celtics forward, Jayson Tatum’s uncalled journey.

— A 5-second inbound violation of the Celtics that has not been called.


Eleventh heaven? A fever with a memorable mixed history in the last 10 games 7.Also, Herro, Draymond’s Spoelstra – Reading Eagle

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