Electoral system flaws need to be addressed


In general, Americans were confident in our elections when we voted directly and mechanically and left a verifiable paper trail. In mail voting, additional people mediate between voters and aggregation. Computer systems leave suspicions of fraud.

If President Joe Biden and the Harrisburg Legislature are serious about protecting our democracy, we need to seriously fix these two recently introduced weaknesses.

Dr. Linda Lee Tarver testified that with 30 years of experience in Michigan elections, black voters have been deprived of the opportunity to consistently and meaningfully recount. Official records are too sloppy, either intentionally or by government indifference. This is a form of oppression of voters that we haven’t heard enough about.

Existing legislation does not allow authorities to circumvent it. In that part of our country, the enforcement of relevant election laws has been zero for at least 30 years. The challenges of black voters are wiped out and they lose hope. To be confident in the voting rights of the minority and the protection of general democracy, the president needs to intervene to ensure that election law is being followed. He doesn’t need a majority in Congress to do so.

If, in my opinion, many of these black voters are Republican-minded, this would explain the president’s reluctance to fulfill his oath obligations to all Americans.

Glen Schlom
Upper Bern Township

Electoral system flaws need to be addressed

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